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Remote Emergencies: 5 Things to Always Keep in Your RV

Your RV is your home away from home, and you need to make sure that it remains well-stocked at all times. Here is a quick look at five things that you should always put in your RV before you hit the open road.

Potable Water

Having safe drinking water in your RV could literally save a life in an emergency situation. As a general rule, a healthy adult is going to require at least one gallon of potable water per day. In addition to keeping extra water in your holding tank, you might also want to keep a few plastic bottles in your RV so that you don’t have to rely on a pump.

Non-Perishable Food

Food isn’t quite as necessary as water, but keeping a few non-perishable products in the cabinets is going to be invaluable if you are ever stranded out in the wild. Canned meats, canned vegetables, dry cereal, and peanut butter are all excellent sources of nutrition that will last for years.

Extra Medications

If anyone in your family takes any type of prescription medication, keep a few extra bottles in your RV. Most pharmacists will offer their patients extra bottles of medication for longer trips, but you might need to get a note from your doctor if the prescription is an opiate or some other type of painkiller. You should also have a well-stocked first aid kit, which will have some basic pain relievers as well.

A Water-Resistant Flash Drive

Keeping multiple folders in your RV isn’t always practical, and that is why many people store all of their important documents on water-resistant flash drives. Those storage devices are very inexpensive, and a single drive should be able to hold thousands of important documents. Once you have the documents on that device, make sure that it is protected by a strong password.

Spare Clothes

Image by Gavin Seim from Pixabay

The weather can change in the blink of an eye, and you never want to be caught in a storm without the proper clothing. Keeping a few extra jackets and pairs of socks inside the RV will ensure your family’s comfort if a storm suddenly blows through. You might also want to stow away some emergency blankets just in case the heater breaks down.

With the proper maintenance, most modern campers and RVs will drive smoothly for years, but you need to be prepared for mechanical problems as well. In addition to these five items, you should also have a comprehensive toolkit that will allow you to tackle basic maintenance tasks such as replacing old hoses and topping off fluids.

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