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Rest and Recreation in the Apocalypse: How Do You Have Fun in Doomsday?

Doomsday preppers and others who want to keep themselves safe in the apocalypse might be surprised to see something like this as an article. After all, is there really room for fun when the whole world is in chaos? Thing is, just because we’re preparing for impending disasters doesn’t mean we should be ignoring our need to have rest and recreation as well. This is especially if we have kids with us, or if we want to keep a semblance of today’s times as we rebuild our society from the ground up. How exactly can we find ways to “enjoy” during the apocalypse? Maybe we can try playing games for fun! Here are some suggestions: 

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  • Brain games ensure we keep ourselves mentally prepared for various stresses ahead. When we encounter various apocalyptic scenarios, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with them. After all, we’ll likely be bombarded with worry as we start actually keeping track of our supplies and the overall state of both local and global affairs. Unfortunately, thinking too much about anything can leave us vulnerable to misconceptions, wrong analysis due to panic, and poor health due to anxiety. Playing brain games and other puzzle games can help our brains get adequate exercise it needs through a method that’s not particularly stressful.
    • Puzzle games are easily accessible to the general public, and in a lot of ways. Others can come in the form of actual board games with components, and others can also be in the form of books you can solve with a pen and paper.
    • Puzzle games and brain games can make sure our brains get stimulated everyday. The puzzles in these games can be straightforward enough to be engaging but not too complicated that they can be frustrating. This makes them perfect to spend time after a busy day of managing the bunker or organizing inventory.
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  • Sports can give you a much-needed dose of adrenaline. Disasters and various apocalyptic situations need us to be alert and vigilant in order to reduce damage to ourselves and our families as much as possible. This requires planning ahead, staying prepared, and keeping ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally fit at all times. Preparing for the apocalypse might leave us with little room and time to maintain a workout routine or even go to the gym. And it might be costly to even have a home gym setup. However, if you have some space indoors or if your garden is safe from any external dangers, you can still keep yourself active and have that much-needed dose of fun with a bit of sports action.
    • Playing sports can give us much-needed adrenaline and happy hormones to help us enjoy the day. This can be helpful, especially during situations of disaster, like in doomsday situation. 
    • Be careful when you play sports, though, especially outdoors. This is especially if the disaster you’re moving away from is volatile like nuclear fallout, or even earthquakes. The kind of damage these have outdoors can make it dangerous for people to go outside. If you still want to play sports, you can resort to indoor versions of the game if possible.
    • When choosing a sport to play, be sure you have all the equipment to keep you and your family safe while playing. It’s one thing to be prepared for the apocalypse, but it’s another to be injured while playing sports in the middle of an ongoing disaster. Always prioritize your safety, even when having fun,
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  • Board games add variety to entertainment without complicated electronics. One of the best ways to have fun during times of disaster would be through board games. Unlike video games, they don’t necessarily need electricity to work. As their names suggest, they often really just need a table and its components for you to have a fun time with the family. Some games have simple mechanics and can often be setup in just a few minutes. Other board games have a ton of components and might take a bit of time to prepare before you play. Regardless of the nature of these games, board games come in a variety of genres across all ages and preferences.
    • Other board games tend to have a lot of components, which might take some or a lot of time to set up. This might be time-consuming in the long run, but the process of preparing and taking a game back to the shelf can be a good way of meditating as well.
    • Board games come in a wide range of genres and with their own special set of mechanics, which means having a library of board games to play can make any session diverse. 
    • Did you know much of good RPGs today actually have come from tabletop? These games, as the name suggests, are usually played on a tabletop. These games often need pen and paper for recording, and dice for rolling. Basically, it’s like math on steroids, with a story on the side. You and your game master (GM) decide on a setting, create characters, and narrate your own story. When the GM throws a situation at you, you respond by narrating what your character does. When your character’s action has a probability of failure, you roll a dice to see if it works in your favor. When you play tabletop games, you can play make believe and play out scenarios with friends and family. This can remove yourself away from problems during disasters, even for a short while. 
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  • Have fun with online games while they last. Apocalyptic scenarios come in many different ways, and as such affect essential aspects of civilization in various methods within certain time frames. As such, while we know disasters will inevitably affect political structures, food and water supply, as well as the power grid at large, we won’t know which of these will be affected first. In the case of disasters that don’t immediately affect power grids, you’ll most likely still be able to enjoy electricity within its first few weeks or months. If you’re a gamer at heart, you can take advantage of this time to still enjoy video games – be it MMOs, mainstream video games, or even free online games.
    • Some video games tend to be extremely immersive, regardless of the genre, which makes them a good way to escape the “real world,” especially during situations of disaster. 
    • Games like Madalin Stunt Cars 2, or other online games, are straightforward enough to give you an entertaining time. This is especially if you only want to play for a few minutes without having to think a lot about mechanics. 
    • Meanwhile, while you still have an internet connection, you can also play MMOs and other multiplayer games to still get in touch with other people online. This helps give you a semblance of a stable society, and may help calm you down if you think you’re alone in the disaster. This is also helpful if you want to stay updated on the goings on in other places around the world. 

Fun in the Apocalypse: Preparation Means Getting Ready for Fun Ahead

Just because you’re preparing for the apocalypse doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time keeping yourself safe from disasters. With the above tips in mind, you’ll likely be able to find sources of fun times while you keep you and your family safe from disasters. When you’re preparing your bunker, consider adding some consoles or video games there as well, in order to make sure you and your family have ways to have fun and safe at the same time.

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