Review of Anti-Tear Gas Protest Gas Mask with Voice Amplifier + Drinking Tube

by Shane White

I received this gas mask for review from my friends at Check them out! They have great stuff.

My first impression when I opened the box was, ‘Wow, this looks easier to use than I thought.’ I played with it for a little while, put it on and scared my wife. Awesome! Don’t worry she gets me back later. I did notice that there were not any instructions, but it hardly needs any. I wasn’t going to look at them anyways.

To put it on, you just pull back the straps and slip your head into the mask and place your chin on the chin rest. Easy. Next, you tighten the straps with the simple to use strap adjusters. It fits my head great, and I am told I have a pretty big head. It will also adjust for a smaller head as well. I tried breathing for a while and thought it felt as if air was moving past the edges over my face. I then put my hand over the hole where the filter goes and found that I could only breathe out in this way which tells me it was working properly. When I put on the filter, I was still able to breathe fine. It did take a little bit more effort, but not much. Breathing was not strained at all.

The next thing I did was run around the yard with it on, shaking my head vigorously. It didn’t even seem loose. It was still fairly comfortable. It was a little warm, but it was also pretty hot outside when I tested it. I was also breathing in it.

Here was where my wife got her revenge. I bought her some pepper spray/tear gas in a spray bottle and had her spray me with it. I felt no effects and asked her to spray me again. This time I could tell she sprayed me. I could see part of the spray on my lens. I was still able to breathe just as well after being sprayed as I could before. After I took the mask off I could see that she had sprayed me with two good shots that would have hurt me if I had not been wearing the mask. I consider these tests a success. I definitely trust this mask to do the job if I was in a position where I would need it.

There is also a drinking attachment on it. Inside the mask there is a piece that goes into your mouth and on the outside there is a place where a tube screws on that you can put into your water bottle. I found it a little tricky at first to put the piece inside into my mouth, but I was able to use this after I figured it out. Drinking with this mask on will not be a problem.

Immediately after I took the video, I took a good shower and scrubbed all the pepper spray off. I only had a little wash into my eye. Ouch! The pepper spray works. I could only imagine what a full dose would feel like. Very glad the mask worked effectively.

If you are hit with pepper spray or something similar, please make sure that you clean yourself off thoroughlyas soon as you can after you take off the mask. Also, be careful not to touch your eyes or other sensitive areas.

This mask is a quality product. I highly recommend this mask if you may be put in a situation that puts you at risk for pepper spray, tear gas, or mace. You can also use it to scare someone if you like.

3 thoughts on “Review of Anti-Tear Gas Protest Gas Mask with Voice Amplifier + Drinking Tube

  • November 10, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Entertaining review. Glad the mask worked, no man cries for that day.

    • November 10, 2012 at 1:22 pm

      This was one product that I hoped would work. 😛

  • July 18, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    Haha, I've got to say this is one of the funniest reviews I've read in a while. I'm just picturing what your neighbors might have thought when seeing you run around in the front yard with a gas mask on, shaking your head, then your wife spraying you with tear gas. I've got to say, I'm sure they were entertained! I know I was 🙂


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