Rugged Campers: How to be Prepared to Survive out in the Wild

Camping is a tradition almost as American as baseball or apple pie. Being in the outdoors and really roughing is a great experience everyone should have during both childhood and adulthood. However, camping does involve some inherent risks. To be safe, you need to be prepared. Below are a few things you need to camp and be safe in the wild.

The Ability to Start and Manage a Safe Camp Fire

While the practices of camping have been used for thousands of years mostly by traveling soldiers, it first gained popularity as a recreational activity in the United States near the end of the 1800’s. Something that unites all campers from any point in history is the ability to start a fire. If you can’t start a fire on your own, you probably shouldn’t be camping. It takes some practice. You will also need to know how to maintain and put out a fire safely. If you are too careless, you could start a forest fire.

A First Aid Kit

Injuries can and do happen during camping expeditions. Considering the fact you may be far away from help and in a cellular phone dead-zone, you may have to treat serious wounds and medical conditions on your own before attempting to get outside help. Make sure you bring a fully stocked first aid kit with you camping and keep it in a location where it can be quickly accessed. Also stock the first aid kit based on the area you are camping. If you are camping where poisonous snakes could be lurking, for example, you should pack anti-venom in your first aid kit.


One of the most dangerous aspects of camping in the wilderness is being in the dark. Moving around in the dark outdoors is a huge risk. You could trip on something you don’t see and injure yourself. You could get lost trying to find your way back to camp. You could even walk off a cliff and fall to your death. The dangers are great. Make sure to have adequate outdoor lighting. You should have flash lights, lanterns and even a headlamp. Also make sure to have extra batteries on hand.

Camp Site

Camping is a greatly rewarding experience that everyone should partake in. However, roughing it does entail some risk. Make sure to take the proper precautions to prevent what can go wrong on a camping trip. The three things listed above are only a starting point.

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