RV Camping Prep: How to Safely Store Your RV for the Winter

Are you an RV owner who lives where freezing temperatures and snow are the norm? If so, then you need to protect your RV from the damaging cold. Here are 4 options for keeping your RV safe during the winter.

Purchase a Cover

A cover can keep the RV safe during the winter. The cover prevents ice and snow from damaging the outside of the RV. It also provides protection from rain, and water caused by melting ice and snow. Before using the cover, clean and dry the RV inside and out. Remove any foods or beverages. Once you’re sure it’s clean, get help from a friend or family member to apply the cover. Make one last inspection to make sure the cover is in place and has no rips. Periodically remove accumulated snow from the RV.

Use Your Garage

If your RV fits into your garage, then you might want to store it there. The RV will be safe from snow, rain, and other damaging elements. You also won’t have to purchase a cover. Another benefit is that garage storage will eliminate the danger of vandalism or theft.

Rent an RV Storage Unit

Storing the RV in your garage might not be possible. Renting an RV storage unit is a viable alternative. Some companies, such as Blanco Self Storage, know that these sort of facilities will provide the same protection as storing the RV in your garage. It might take some time to find a facility with units large enough to accommodate the RV. Have the measurements on hand so you know exactly how much space is needed.

RV at nightMonitor the RV at Home

Storing the RV or buying a cover provides the best protection. But perhaps you’re unable to afford either of those. If so, then you’ll have to care for the RV yourself. This option requires regularly removing ice and snow from the RV. There is potential danger, as ice can form on the roof of the RV. Always use caution when removing snow and ice from the roof. And remember, the RV will be exposed to elements such as rain and cold winds. If at all possible, consider storing the RV or purchasing a cover.

The tips mentioned here will keep your RV safe during winter. Taking time to protect your vehicle is worth the trouble. You’ll be glad once summer rolls around and your RV is road-ready.



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