Safety First: How to Prepare for Owning Your First Gun

Buying your first gun can and should be a very exciting purchase. It is, however, not one that can necessarily be entered into lightly. A gun is a very powerful tool and it can also be a fairly expensive purchase. Before you decide on your first gun, take a moment to consider the steps below.

Know Your Local Laws

It’s always a good idea to know your local laws before you set out to buy a gun. Gun ownership laws vary by country and the requirements for permits can vary greatly even within the regions of any given country. Look up the kind of paperwork you’ll need to fill out and any waiting periods you’ll need to get through before your purchase. If you start doing your research early on, you won’t be caught by surprise when you get ready to buy your first gun.

Research Types of Guns

As you can imagine, there are enough types of guns out there that the average first-time owner might feel a little overwhelmed. As such, you may want to do a bit of homework first. Spend some time researching types of guns you’re interested in at gun shops and figure out which might meet your needs. Once you’re done, consider visiting a local range and trying out one of the guns.

Look at Safe Storage

Before you make your purchase, you should know exactly how your gun is going to be maintained and stored. Look into the preferred types of storage for the gun of your choice, including the options that make the most sense for your living situation. A good safe or lockbox can be one the most important gun-related tools you will buy.

Take a Class

It’s never a bad idea to take a class on gun safety and shooting. Not only will this teach you how to more safely handle your weapon, but it will also help you to become a better shooter. Many ranges offer classes, and they range from basic permit courses to advanced self-defense classes. Considering taking the class that best matches your needs and your skill level.


Buying a gun is usually a little more complex than just going to a shop and putting money down. Spend some time doing research on what type of gun you want, how you’ll store it, and what legal requirements you’ll need to meet to use the gun. Once that’s done, make sure to go down to a range and take a class to learn how to better handle your purchase. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to handle your weapon in a safe and responsible manner.

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