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Self Defense for Survival — Your Mindset

It is not something we want to think about, but in a survival situation, we may be forced to defend ourselves and family members. Unfortunately, crisis situations tend to bring out the worst in people. Although you may be putting in a lot of time and effort to prepare for your family’s survival, there are those who are not and will be forced to resort to harsh measures to take what is yours.

Image by James Paramecio from Pixabay

Ideally, you want to avoid any nasty situations. Physical altercations rarely end well. Whether you are the victor or not, you are likely to get injured in some way. If you can, avoid the situation. That is your only guarantee you will not get hurt. Part of our emergency response system includes a place for survivors to gather. These places get crowded. Think back to Hurricane Katrina. You get a lot of people in close quarters and things get a little crazy. Obviously, the gathering place provided shelter and some necessities, but knowing what you do about human behavior, it would behoove you to plan ahead and make other arrangements. These are a few things you could do to hopefully prevent any altercations.

  • Get together with a small group and start planning how to rely on yourself in an emergency situation. This also takes some of the strain off FEMA and the Red Cross.
  • If you have to move, do so at night when there are likely to be fewer people about. Early in the morning is also ideal.
  • Do what you can to go undetected. Be quiet and do your best to avoid being noticed by others.
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If you have tried your best to avoid a situation and it is just inevitable, you must be prepared to defend yourself, mentally. Yes, your mindset plays a huge role in self-defense.

  • Get ready now. Do not put it off.
  • In a physical assault, you must set your mind to being victorious or at least left alive. Do not give up.
  • Mentally prepare yourself to deliver an incredible “violence of action.” Physically, you must be prepared to dole out more, repeated violence on your attacker.
  • If possible, take some kind of formal martial arts training 2 to 3 days a week. Keep in mind, the real world is not exactly like your martial arts studio.

These are just a few tips. These suggestions are not meant to be your comprehensive guide to self-defense. This is a good place to start. Find somebody in your area who can provide you with professional instruction. In the meantime, you can get yourself in good physical shape.

About the Author: Craig Caudill puts together disaster survival kits for Dan’s Depot. He also teaches at his Nature Reliance School.

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