Self-Sufficiency Master? Five Ways to Help Others Get Prepping

If you have mastered the elements of prepping for a natural disaster, you might have others who have not yet educated themselves. Prep work for the day of disaster ensures that you will live better when trouble arises. What are some of the ways that you can help others to prepare for a disaster?

Educate Them

No matter how little money you might have, having a vast store of knowledge can help you to be rich and useful to your friends and family. Knowing the basics of the Heimlich Maneuver gives greater safety to your friends and family. Education can go a long way in your future survival efforts, and teaching others can be a great method of teaching yourself. Some of the useful skills for prepping include:

Human Anatomy

Paramedic Skills

Solar Energy Guides



Tell Them to Stockpile

To stockpile, you can buy the cheaper items that will last. For example, buy an extra bag of rice or dried beans. You can also buy powdered milk, oats or legumes. For just a couple extra bucks, you can start a stockpile that builds up slowly. However, make sure that they have bought products that will last over the long term. You can prepare for this in the wrong way if you are hoarding everything but the essential items.

You may also want to consider the benefits of sanitary inline strainers because they can remove harmful particles from your water. The easy to clean strainer will also increase your production, whether you need it for beverages, pharmaceutical applications, or food.


Hands down, one of the most important things to tell your friends and family is to stockpile some water. You cannot survive more than a few days without it, and a water storage unit ensures that if you do not have running water, you will still have a viable backup. This can even be helpful if a main water line breaks.

Self Defense

True self-sufficiency in the time of disaster means having a weapon that will defend you. You can help others to practice assembling and disassembling a gun. Teaching others about gun safety and issues regarding guns can be exceptionally helpful.

Finally, teach others to keep it simple and thrifty so that it will be sustainable. A good prep plan should be simple enough to understand so that other people will have no problem with continuing to carry it out. Another method of helping others is to teach them survivalist techniques and topics such as bush craft.

Written by Rachelle Wilber

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