How to set a Camping Cot easily and quickly

You may think that it requires a lot of skills to put together a camping cot properly, but in reality it is quite easy if you follow the right procedure. There are three basic stages that you need to nail to get a perfectly taut and comfortable cot that you can enjoy for a good night’s sleep. Once you gain mastery over these stages you should be able to set a camping cot in time. In the subsequent sections we would be discussing how to set up a camping cot.

CotsGetting your frame in order

There are different types of camping cots on the market. Usually the assembly of each type of camping cot would be more or less similar to each other. You can also get foldable camping cots that don’t require much effort to set up. For other types of cot you need to take count of your inventory. You should have the primary metal frame, the canvas, and support metal rails. First you need to open the main frame that would automatically stretch the canvas. The metal rails are usually shipped separately and used to support the cot. Completely unfold the rails until the canvas is completely straight. The base frame should only unwind in one direction, if you face some resistance opening the frame try to open it in the other direction. Move on to the next step once you have taken count of all the inventory.

Remove the Side rails

The side rails are the two parallel vertical rails upon which the entire canvas is draped or supported. Stretch the side the rails to open the canvas. As you pull the side rails apart the legs should also unfold in an X shape. Tip the cot to the side so it stands on its own. The cot should be able to stand easily but would not have the taut canvas yet.  The mid rails should also come out, but the canvas would not be completely taut yet. Once the entire frame has been spread and the side rails have also been opened move on to the next step.

Spread the Canvas

This is perhaps the trickiest step. You need to spread the canvas properly so it becomes taut. Firmly sit on the canvas to loosen it up. Try to be careful as you put weight on the cot as it might collapse under excessive weight. Sit between the mid and first legs to reduce the chances of collapse. Walk around the cot and loosen the canvas by either punching it or stretching it with your hands. Punching and stretching it would loosen the canvas and make it easier to spread.

Attaching the rails

You should see a plastic knob at the end of each rail along with 2 holes. Line the support rails along the holes so they align with the plastic knobs and holes. Push the side rails firmly towards the holes so they slide into the place. You should hear a distinct click as the rails lock into the holes. The support rails should be firmly in place in the holes and should not wiggle or drop out of the holes. Stretch the canvas to set into all corners. The last corner would provide some resistance but pull it firmly to slide it into the finale hole.  Ensure that the rails are firmly set and the canvas is affirmed on all corners before moving on to the next step.

Finishing things up

Once the basic metal frame is spread, the canvas is stretched, and all the support rails are attached, the cot should be ready to use. By following these steps you should have clearly understood how to set up a camping cot  properly.




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