What You Need to Set Up an Effective Search Party

As a parent, whether you live in big cities like NYC or in more open spaces like in Tennessee, you have a lot to think about when it comes to safeguarding your children. Having a missing child is unthinkable, but knowing how to set up an effective search party in a city or rural area can give you peace of mind and speed up the process of locating the child. Whether the child is yours or a neighbors, when evening comes on, time is of the essence. We will show you some effective tips for setting up your own search party below.

Area-Appropriate Equipment

After contacting the authorities, your next step will be to ensure that you have the equipment needed to do a proper search according to the area. If you are in a big city, it will be more prudent to have people both on foot and in cars searching the neighborhood, with a picture of the missing child available to show. If you are in a rural area, however, you’ll want to be prepared for a deeper terrain search. Ropes, headlamps, high-powered flashlights, and other specialized equipment will be necessary if the missing child is found in a dark or hard to reach place. Be aware that the reason they have not returned themselves may involve being stuck, injured, or both, and you will need the proper equipment to retrieve them safely.

Get Some Dogs

Search dogs are not just for police use. Many regular people own or train canines as search dogs that are trained as volunteer search and rescue dogs. Some non-profit groups specialize in providing search dogs and their handlers on an as-needed basis. You can use these dogs to augment other search protocols you put in place when looking for missing children. This is especially necessary in woodsy areas, mountains, or other natural landscapes that could easily hide a child that is stuck and unable to cry out for help. If a child is missing in a hazardous area, time is of the essence in finding them, and human senses won’t be enough to spot them through bushes, under logs, or in inconspicuous holes.

Set Up a Radio Network

Accurate, timely communication between search party members can be a crucial component for success. This particular form of equipment can be provided by search and rescue services in many rural areas, but you’ll have to rent your own radios when doing a search in a city or urbanized community. Having a two-way radio installation in place that can facilitate communication can help you ensure that everyone in the party is on the same page when new information comes to light. An NYC Motorola dealer can help you set up this network on cellphones and provide you with the two-way radio supplies you need to keep everyone in touch and informed.

Bring an Emergency Supply Cache

Even if a child is only missing for a short time, he or she could be exposed to the elements or in need of medical care or basic supplies. This is true for kids that go missing in a big cities or in more rural areas such as woodlands. There isn’t a best emergency supply kit to have on hand, but most of them contain a few basic items. You may want to consider a cache that includes blankets, high-energy food rations, water, extra flashlights, and a basic first aid kit.

Searth Party

It is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed when a child goes missing. There are many things to consider and you’ll want to act quickly. However, some of the tips we’ve listed here can help get some control over the situation and form an effective search party.

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