Six Reasons You Should Stock Up On Fresh Water

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Fresh water is one of those things you tend to take for granted until it is gone. Most households do not keep fresh water stored, yet we can only survive about three days without it. A good rule of thumb is to keep three gallons of water per person per day; remember to include pets and livestock in your calculations. There are several situations that can disrupt the water supply in your home. Being prepared now can help your family get through tough times later.

  1. Natural Disaster

    Hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters can disrupt the water supply by damaging water mains and destroying supply routes. FEMA recommends keeping an emergency supply kit to last at least 72 hours, but severe natural disasters can create supply problems for much longer.

  2. Grid Down Scenario

    In a short or long term grid down scenario, public water supplies will be cut off. There will be no electricity to operate aquifers and that free-flowing water from the tap will quickly be nonexistent. How will you get water without power?

  3. Economic Collapse

    The eventual outcome of an economic collapse will be no funds to pay workers to operate water and waste treatment facilities, work at generating stations or haul the parts and supplies needed to keep the water flowing.

  4. Drought

    In drought-prone areas, water is often rationed to ensure there is enough to go around. How will you water your yard or garden when the supply dries up? Cisterns and holding tanks can provide large water storage to help you through drought times and they are easily maintained by specialists like Alberta Water Services.

  5. Radiation

    Renewed threats and speculation about Fukushima continue to plague headlines. In the event of further damage to the buildings or containment tanks, radioactive fallout could reach North America in a matter of days. Ground water and reservoirs will be polluted, which means most water sources will be unsafe to drink without a special filter.

  6. Local Water Supply Issues

    Chemical leaks, like the one that polluted the water supply in West Virginia in early 2014, can cause serious health issues. Storing water gives you the peace of mind in knowing your family will be safe from isolated water contamination issues.

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Water is arguably the most important aspect of being prepared. Without it, your chances of survival are numbered in mere days. As you can see, it does not take a major global event to disrupt or destroy your local water supply. Water storage is liquid peace of mind.

Marlena Stoddard writes on emergency preparation and energy independent homes. Originally from Senoia, GA, Marlena lives in Santa Rosa, CA with her husband and 2 children. When she isn’t spending time with her children or writing, Marlena enjoys hiking and photography. For more on Marlena, you can follow her on Google+.

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