Six Tips for Hand-to-Hand Combat Preparedness

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In today’s increasingly hostile world, a basic understanding of hand-to-hand combat is an important survival skill. In this form of combative engagement, the persons involved are armed only with their bare hands or handheld weapons. Women are particularly vulnerable to assaults from men and would benefit greatly from a study of basic self-defense preparedness techniques.

  1. Be circumspect

    It is wise to be aware. You will probably need to change the way you view the world and perhaps your lifestyle as well. Avoid texting or listening to music through earbuds while out jogging or in other public places.

  2. Mental awareness

    Keep a clear head while you are out. Try to avoid potentially dangerous situations, such as shopping at night. Be aware that most crimes happen between 10 pm and 4 am. Always be mentally prepared for an attack. Think, “What if I’m followed? What if someone grabs my arm?” Storing the responses to these questions in your mind will allow you to respond more quickly in the event of an encounter.

  3. Run first

    Even in advanced mixed martial arts training, the number 1 defense you have is escape. Do not waste your energy by confronting an enemy that you can evade by running. Trust logic, you will be better off exhausted after a sprint than dead or severely injured by an attack. If you are doing well with the first two tips, you will be ready to run in the most direct route to safety.

  4. Resist

    If attacked, your mindset is one of your most critical defenses. You must have the attitude that you will defeat the enemy and escape, no matter what. If it comes to a fight to the death, the prospect of losing must not enter the mind even once. You must commit yourself to hit the opponent continuously with whatever it takes to knock him out or end his resistance.

  5. Effective defense strategies—above belt

    When rushed by an attacker, keep calm. Try to gauge and determine what he is about to do. If it looks like he wants to throw direct punches at you, move off the line of attack just before the blow hits and meet him with an outstretched thumb-tip fist in the throat. Aim just below the trachea. If grabbed in a bear hug, don’t panic. Focus on aggressive damage to the attacker, such as knee strikes to the groin or eye gouges with your thumbs. If you are grabbed from behind, bash your head into his nose or eye until he quits (below his nose if he is tall).

    You may want to search the area for objects you can use for defense such as a pipe or glass bottle. According to a dental specialist from Lethbridge, the Able Dental Group, it is very difficult to knock teeth out while engaged in hand to hand combat. Your hands won’t be able to generate enough power because of the close quarters. You’ll need the range and power of an object to defend yourself.

  6. Effective defense strategies—below belt

    About four finger widths above the outer knee is the common peroneal nerve. Kicks and knee strikes to this region can cause high-level mental stunning. About the middle of the inner thigh, a large nerve runs over the bone. Heel kicks and knee strikes here can cause the opponent to drop. If you are knocked down, maneuver onto your back and use your legs as weapons. Kicks to the shins, crotch or solar plexus can be devastating.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches.

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  • May 27, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    I agree first steer clear or avoid conflict. Honestly if you get hurt that could be devestating.


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