How to Start Over as a Doomsday Survivor

Humans have always wondered about the end of times. No matter what happens, whether it’s from nuclear warfare or zombies, it is imperative to know what happens once doomsday has arrived. While it may seem silly, many people do believe in this, and we are going to give you some of the most important methods on how to survive doomsday.


You will need to pack a bag, maybe a bug out bag, that is all set to go when doomsday happens. Within your luggage, you should pack clothing for all weather as well as three days of food such as MREs or anything that won’t perish quickly. This can include canned goods, protein bars and other foods. Keeping some cooking gear will come in handy too.

Be sure you have at least 3 liters of water, water filters, and a jug or canteen to carry it. You will also need a medical kit, along with your daily medications. You may also consider taking a portable shelter, which can be a blanket, sleeping bag or a one or two person tent.


Researching doomsday events can help you become knowledgeable about what to expect. Doomsday can come in the form of nuclear fallouts, floods, fires, and other events. This is why you should be up to date on the weather and events all over the world. You can purchase a police scanner to find out what is happening locally at any time. You will want to consider a weather radio as well, which is great for when you lose electricity.

You will also want to plan an escape route. You should absolutely have more than one escape route for varying situations. Make a plan to meet some place safe with your family in case of a fire. Plan on how you can get out of town most effectively. If you know you cannot escape the town, find a mode of transportation.

Mental Preparedness

If you find that all of this is overwhelming, you may find that you are getting a panic attack. You should be aware of the symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness and extreme panic. You should try to calm yourself by breathing, thinking positive thoughts, and stay away from smoking.


You will need to learn how to redirect your feelings, which can be done by noticing them and then trying to get yourself into a better mood. Do something that will get you calm and focused on the task at hand. With practice you can control your brain and get a quicker response time in an emergency.


The first thing you should do when seeking shelter is to go underground. You may have your own bomb shelter or a bunker where you can stay until the coast is clear. It may take several days until you are safe once again. Be sure you are protected from the elements. You must know where you are, what wild animals and buildings are around you.

If you don’t have a bomb shelter, you can make your own, but it’s important to stay protected from the outside.

Your Body

Being in shape is very important when it comes to survival. You should have a healthy diet of protein, fruits and vegetables to sustain your body. Regular exercise will come in handy for times if you have to walk a long time or lift heavy objects.

Cardio workouts keep your blood flowing, and you can do cardio workouts simply by jogging, running, or playing sports. You should also have regular doctor visits to be sure your body is healthy. Keep up on your shots and medications. Be sure to visit not only your general physician but the dentist and eye doctor, too.

This is also a great time to learn self-defense. When there is a doomsday event, you never know what you will face. You should take some self-defense classes, or even karate, to be sure you are able to defend yourself. You can do so by contacting local businesses that have such classes, and even the police hold classes on safety.

Be armed, too. It doesn’t hurt to know how to shoot a gun or use a knife. You can even include the best thermal scope for the money. If all else fails, you can always watch videos online to learn.

Solar PanelsPreparing Sustainability

You will have to learn to be self-reliant. You need to learn how to grow your own food and find an energy source. Planting vegetable and fruit seeds is one way to start. As for energy, you can create it by using wind, water, solar resources and geothermal resources.


When you do plant seeds for growing food, you want heirloom seeds, which have not been modified genetically in any way. You will learn what works in the soil that you have, and you can research the types of soil so you know what to grow in that environment.

Living off of the grid requires 5 things. These are power generation, heat, food, water, and waste collection. This means you will have to use solar panels and generators for power. You can burn wood or use solar means for heat. As for food, you will raise animals and tend to your farm. Water can be collected from a well or from the rain. Waste can be discarded through composting or a septic system.

Learn how to do harder things like build a home and how to medically treat a person. This knowledge means the difference between life and death. You will also need to know how to cook, sew and maintain sanitary conditions.


We hope that you have found this article helpful when it comes to surviving doomsday. No matter the event, it is important to be prepared and be able to take care of yourself and your family. With these tips, you really can’t go wrong. There’s lots to know and even more to do!


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