Survival Food Preparation and Storage

No matter what crisis befalls us, whether it is flooding, fire, zombies, or any other catastrophe, you need food in order to survive. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you have plenty of food for survival. It is important to think about your own specific needs and resources in order to pick the best option.


Without food your body will begin to break itself down, starting with the muscles. This sounds counterproductive from a survivalist standpoint, since muscles are what help keep you strong and protected. However, they also consume the most calories, which is why your body needs to break them down first. This is because once this process begins you will start to feel lethargic and exhausted. Depending on the circumstances, this could drastically cut down your chances of survival. Once the muscle is gone, your body will then go into the fat reserves. Humans can survive for approximately thirty days without food, assuming there is water. However, people who are active and burning calories will have much less time.



Most people feel safest with a stock of food. This food obviously needs to be preserved, stored, and maintained to suit your needs. For example, someone stocking a bomb shelter will have different specifications than someone traveling through unpopulated areas. Keep in mind that some food needs to be prepared in a special manner. Freeze dried meals will need hot water, for example. Think about what other resources you will have available. Once you have determined what kind of food storage you need, it is time to start stocking it.


Sometimes it can be difficult to get started. There are companies that provide survival food packs. These contain plenty of meals that can be stored and maintained for years. Click to learn more about for an excellent resource. If you are on a budget you can stock your food supplies with protein bars, bottled water, and dried fruits and veggies. Freeze dried food will last much longer, but again, it needs hot water before you can eat it.


Do not succumb to starvation. Protect yourself and your family by being prepared. Carefully consider what kind of food will suit your needs. Consider your options, such as buying food stock kits or by creating your own. Without enough calories you will greatly lower your chances of survival, so make sure you are prepared no matter what calamity may strike.


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