Survival Mode: out of the forest alive!

A forest is a mysterious place we like to visit from time to time to walk or gather something, mushrooms for example. However, with the beginning of the season, there are a lot of people that were lost in the forest because they didn’t know what to do in such a case. If you want to stay alive being lost in the forest follow these simple pieces of advice.

  1. Going to the forest don’t forget to take the following items: a compass, a phone, a knife, matches, something to eat. Matches should be packed in a plastic bag or dipped in candle wax, in order not to wash them if the rain starts.
  2. Make sure that all the relatives or friends know about this intention to go to the forest. Set a deadline for such a walk so they know the time when you return and if you don’t, call the police and start searching.
  3. Parking place is important. Before entering the forest, tell somebody and make an agreement about the direction so if he or she is lost this companion can easily follow the trace.
  4. Make sure to wear bright clothes but not a camouflage. It can facilitate the search by the police in case of being lost. These bright clothes should be warm and comfortable since it might be a long walk in the forest waiting for help. Everything may happen from rain to fog. Wear long trousers, comfortable sneakers, a warm sweater or a coat. Such an outfit will also save a traveler from the acarians living on the trees and in the bushes. They are very dangerous, keep that in mind.
  5. Before entering the forest, pay attention to the main landmarks: roads, settlements, rivers, and streams. On the compass determine the directions to move, in order to know which direction will lead to the original point. If you don’t have a compass, the sun might be a good landmark.

ForestIn case if one realizes that he or she is lost, try to reach any relative or a friend. If it is impossible, listen attentively to all the sounds around, it might lead to the motorway or to other people that walk in the area as well.

It is also crucial to save warmth. That’s why it is not recommended to sit on the stones or on the ground. Find something to sit on because the search group might find a dead body.

First of all, people start searching on clearings and trails, so stay close to them without going deeper into the forest. In case of a stream, try to follow it. It has to lead to a settlement with a telephone or at least internet connection.

Make several attempts to move in different directions. Move in one direction for about 15 minutes. In case if there is nothing familiar, return back and repeat it again with a new direction. Try to find a high spot nearby, or climb a tree, that allows seeing everything clearly. Having noticed twisted road with two or three branches, follow its origin. It might help to find other people and facilitate work for the search group.



About the author:

The one who wants to help you to survive is called Melisa Marzett. She is a professional writer and as far as you might notice, the forest lover. When she is not walking around the forest looking for trouble she is a freelance writer working on bigessaywriter – professional online paper writers for five years.

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