Survival Tips You Should Use For Different Injuries


Whether at home or at work, when there is an injury from a small cut to a twisted ankle, it can be frightening. Keeping a clear head and doing a few small things while waiting for help can make a big difference. According to 911 Industrial Response Inc., a leader in industrial safety services in Grande Prairie, you can make a difference in an injured person’s recovery time and severity of the injury by following a few little tips.


If someone has gotten a burn, you should immediately remove any clothing from the affected area because some materials will melt into the burn. If clothing has already melted into the skin cut the loose clothing from around the burn to prevent further melting or pulling. Once the clothing is removed, you should soak the area in room temperature water. Some people think it should be cold water, but this can damage the tissue. If blisters appear, do not attempt to pop them.

Breaks and Sprains

If you suspect someone has broken a bone or sprained an ankle or wrist, you should immediately get that person off their feet. You will want to apply ice, if you believe it is a sprain. Removing restrictive clothing will cause the area to swell. If swelling is hampered, it might cause further tissue damage around the tendons and muscles.

Cuts, Scrapes and Bleeding

If someone has a serious injury with bleeding involved, you should take immediate action while waiting for help. You will need to clean the wound out with cool water and scrub it as best you can with soap to get any debris or dirt out of the wound. You can apply hydrogen peroxide or any other antibacterial cream you have on hand. Depending on the size and location of the wound, you will need to slow or stop the bleeding. You might be able to do that by bandaging the wound or by applying pressure to it.

Animal Bites and Stings

If you or someone else has been bitten or stung by an animal, you should immediately clean out the wound with soap, warm water and antibacterial soap. If it was an animal bite, try to contain the animal if possible. You do not want to take the chance of anyone else getting bit, so use extreme caution. If it was an insect sting, you can give the person an allergy medication like Benadryl to slow an allergic reaction.

When an injury happens, everything becomes chaotic while waiting for help. You can keep a cool head and use these tips to bring the person some relief and possible avoid further injuries.

Savannah Coulsen is a freelance writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru.

4 thoughts on “Survival Tips You Should Use For Different Injuries

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  • August 29, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    I personally like addressing the EOTWAWKI as both a multifaceted possible event as well as individual scenario and solutions. I think the more skills we can obtain now, individually as well as groups is best course of prepping
    keep the how tos and video examples coming!

  • August 20, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Thanks for these tips. When I get an insect or ant bite, I really scrub the bite area with ammonia. It seems to neutralize the venom and I have no further itch or problem.

  • August 20, 2014 at 5:14 am

    In an emergency its always bbest to keepp your head (keep calm) because if you panic it can make the injiured person panic too and that makes everything worse.


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