Survive the Apocalypse with Your Car

Doomsday scenario time. If there was a massive apocalypse and zombies come back from dead or the Nazi party suddenly reforms and invades everywhere, what would you do? Would you be prepared? Probably not. There are a lot of things you would need, and a car is definitely one of them. It has to be a tough car that can survive the ruggedness of off-road driving, debris from apocalyptic war and be reliable on the road at all times. Below are some suggestions for five different vehicles that you might want during a doomsday scenario, all with their own pluses and minuses.


The hummer was originally a massive military vehicle, able to withstand a lot of gunfire and shrapnel from war, as well as be a reliable car on the road. With good tires and some extra accessories on the outside of the massive car, you’ll be very set with safety while cruising from place to place and be able to bring a lot of supplies with you. The automobile is big enough to sleep in if necessary. Downsides are horrible gas mileage but when there’s no one manning the fuel pumps, it doesn’t really matter right?

BusA Motorhome

They have used motorhomes regularly in apocalypse movies and TV shows and there is a good reason for this: They are incredibly helpful to have when all hell is breaking loose around you. The best things about a motorhome is that they are tough and you can sleep and store tons of items inside of them. If you have the proper hook ups, you can shower and cook in a motorhome as well. The downsides are obviously horrific gas mileage and the tendency to breakdown, which is relatively high over a long period of time.

MotorcycleA Motorcycle

Believe it or not, a motorcycle is an excellent vehicle for the apocalypse, because it is small, fast and gets incredible gas mileage. All you really need is gas and motorcycle tires. However, you must be able to live virtually by yourself or with very few others and rely on your own wits away from the bike. You will be able to get in and out of situations very quickly and will be much more difficult to track down if people or things are chasing after you. Downsides are little-to-no physical protection from the vehicle itself and the general danger that comes with riding a motorcycle.


HybridA Hybrid

Hybrids that are relatively roomy are good, primarily because of gas mileage. They run longer and can run off of an electrical charge from time to time, when gas rations are tight. However, to help improve the incredible gas mileage, the cars are not that tough, meaning they are easily destroyed in a war zone.


ChevyA Massive Pick-Up Truck

As long as you have a good supply of fuel, most likely diesel fuel, there probably isn’t a better car for the apocalypse. Reliable, huge, heavy and tough, a big F-450 with tires and a grill guard can transport people and supplies just about anywhere, ram down blockades and take shrapnel, bullets, bomb blasts and probably attacks from monsters as well, depending on their size. The downside, again, is the terrible gas mileage. But if you can Road Warrior your way into a place with a great gas supply, you should be good for a while.



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