Take Shelter – A Survivalist’s Perspective

by Shane White

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The whole premise of this movie is, as implied by the title, a story of a man who has strange dreams and visions about the end of the world and decides to build a better storm shelter. He seems to be doing well, but gets obsessed with the project and causes issues with his friends, his family, and his work who all assume that his lack of focus on them is just him being irresponsible and going crazy. So he builds his shelter and then the movie ends with a surprise that I am obliged not to spoil. It isn’t too much of a surprise, but it is not exactly what I expected either.

I am not sure if I should rate this movie a 6 of 10 or an 8 in 10. I am left trying to understand what it was that I just saw, but I find myself really not wanting to see it again so I would probably just give it a 7 for the whole making me wonder what in the world just happened. But on the other hand, it is interesting if you like this sort of a movie. It is pretty original. I would say it was worth watching once.

What about his prepping skills? I would say that they were lacking to say the least. You never knew where he got his advice, but he did seem to understand that an underground shelter would be a safe place for at least a short term with the potential for several days or weeks. He fills it with food, assuming that he will be there for a while and then proceeds to put rather shallow ventilation in the top of his bunker so it could be breached easily. If you are concerned about zombies or crazy people you need to plan for at least a second exit. If they know you are in there, they may just wait you out. If they are smart, they will be able to smoke you out or whatever. If you are concerned about flooding, shallow vents are not a good idea. A bunker like this is primarily for tornadoes and storage for supplies only.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Go to work, spend time with your friends and family, but prepare for the worst.

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