Talking About Zombies

So why do people seem so fascinated with the zombie scenario. While zombies may be one of the oldest doomsday scenarios we talk about, global EMP, financial apocalypse, super volcanoes, asteroid impacts, and global pandemics seem far more likely.

The truth is that the zombie apocalypse is a great place to start for your survival planning. Seriously… You might as well. In any doomsday scenario you will do much better if you plan for zombies. Why? Because you know that you need food and water. You know that you may need to provide your own protection. You also know that you need a support network.

In zombie movies, what do they always do? They look for food, they get guns to protect themselves, and they look for a safe place to stay and pick up some useful allies at the same time.

Nobody really knows exactly what to expect in any doomsday event, or exactly which one will happen. If your plan is for zombies you should have your bases covered.

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