Ten Easy Steps to Preparing for Doomsday

by Shane White

I have assembled a list of things that you will need to address if you plan on surviving the soon to come doomsday. This list applies to basic survival for the long term. I have not touched on how to make clothes, how to cook your food, or how you might plan on brushing your teeth for example. My goal here is to keep you alive for the long term. Be sure to comment after you read this with your thoughts and advise.

1) Get at least 2 dogs. Dogs are the best bugler alarms you can find. Even a little dog’s bark is enough to scare most intruders away. The reason I say to get two is because you may need to breed so you can have dogs in the future, you might need a backup if something happens to one, and dogs are pack animals and get bored and depressed if they are stuck by themselves.

2) Grow a garden, collect seeds. Now is a good time to get some practice in this area. Growing fruits and vegetables is easy because plants like to grow, but needs practice to get things going right. Find out what grows well in your area, set up an area and grow something. An important topic for discussion is collecting seeds. Get seeds that will grow crops and can produce more seeds that will actually grow more crops. This is critical because seeds you get from the local hardware store are genetically modified and might not give you another crop. Get non-hybrid seeds and store them for when the time comes. Non-hybrid seeds are unmodified and will grow from seeds you collect from your crops. They should indicate that they are non-hybrid seeds on the package, or on the web site when you buy them.

3) Water. Need I say more? You have to have water to live. Get a well, or get drums and collect rain water if you live in the city. The main thing is you have to have water for pretty much everything. A person needs to drink at least 2 quarts (2 liters) of water per day. I would suggest making sure you have double that.

4) Can food. This is a lost art. Your grandmother may have fed you food from her canned food pantry and you never knew it. Canning a variety of foods is of absolute importance because winter will come, crops will fail, your animals will die, and the unforeseen will happen. I would highly recommend getting at least one of the many books on canning, canning recipes, etc. Don’t stop at vegetables. It would be nice to eat meat in the winter too. I can’t stress enough about getting canning supplies now, and get some practice. Finding all the food you canned earlier in the year was done improperly could be disastrous.

5) Buy guns! I am going to say that the chance of getting guns from sources other than trading with your neighbor will be just about zero after doomsday strikes. Get whatever guns and other means of protection you need now. I wouldn’t brag about having them either.

6) Establish a source of animal meat, eggs, milk. I am leaning towards goats, rabbits, and chickens myself because they are easy to take care of. You can get eggs from chickens, milk from goats, and meat from all three. Remember that if you butcher your cow, you might not have a way to refrigerate 500 pounds (230 kilograms) of meat. Rabbits and chickens on the other hand are about one meal each so you should have enough to last a while. Be sure not to eat the last one of any of your animals or the game is over for your meat supply. Notes: Goats gestation period is around 150 days with twins and an occasional triplet common. Some breeds of chickens can lay up to 300 eggs per year. It is possible to get 800 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren from a single rabbit in one season. Remember that you need a boy and a girl to do this.

7) Have a safe place to go. Face it…The cities will be a war zone. Unprepared people will be rioting while the government tries to maintain order if they are there at all. If you can, get a piece of land, or talk to that family member or friend who has that piece of land about them being your backup plan in the case of a zombie invasion. (I find that talking about what people would do during a zombie apocalypse is a lighter way to start a conversation about prepping.) If you are going to a friend or family members house, don’t expect them to do everything. Help with the supplies and the work that needs to be done in advance or your friend might pull a self defense on you when the fan has been struck with poo. If you are in a city, get out at the first sign of trouble. Save some vacation days from work for false alarms in case you need to go back to work with a red face the next day. If you must stay in the city, make sure you are well protected.

8) Figure out what you will be trading. You hear a lot about gold and silver. It is true that historically gold and silver have been traded as currency for thousands of years with no inflation to speak of. Why are we not using this now is part of the reason we have to talk about this in the first place. Other things you can trade are extra food, services, or whatever. One of the things I was thinking about growing tobacco. I don’t smoke, but I assume that many other people near me with things to trade me will continue to smoke. Plus they will be getting tobacco without all the additives in today’s cigarettes.

9) Store food. It doesnt matter if you can, buy MREs, freeze dried foods, or whatever. When doomsday strikes, you will need food right away. If you already are getting all you food from growing your garden, and are getting meat, milk and eggs from animals that you are raising then you might skip this step. My guess is that most of us are working a regular job so this might be difficult at this time. You should try to get enough food set aside to give you time to get your food system rolling efficiently. No less than three months. A years worth would be a better amount to set aside in case things don’t start off as smoothly as you would have liked.

10) Ready your brain. Unless you grew up with a prepper that was convinced that the end of the world was tomorrow, I am sure that you probably don’t know very much about how to survive if something happened that forced you to become totally self reliant. You need to read, learn, and test what you read now if you can. What you don’t have time to learn now, at least get the books. They may be impossible to get later. Sit back and think to yourself, “What will I need to know if the world came crashing down around me.” If you need some place to start, look up books on the topics we already covered.

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