The Best Vehicles to Flee An Emergency

The most important rule during an emergency, whether it’s a natural disaster or a government collapse, is to stay put. But sometimes keeping safe in your home just isn’t an option and you’re forced to flee. Different vehicles offer different advantages and disadvantages in survival situations. Getting out the fastest is hardly the only factor when considering which form of transportation is the best for you and your family to make a safe escape in a time of crisis.

Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are relatively inexpensive, easy to ride and can navigate rough terrain. They use substantially fewer moving parts than cars or trucks and third-party retailers sell enough parts to practically build one from scratch.

Photo by Kevin P. Rice via Wikimedia Commons


  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Navigates rough terrain
  • Cheap to build


  • Only 1-2 people can ride
  • Not ideal for long distance

Hybrid Car

A hybrid vehicle can get you far away, as long as you don’t have to go off-road. Assuming you have a full tank of gas, a hybrid car could make it to the next city/safe town without stopping once to refuel. The Toyota Prius can drive more than 800 miles on a single tank under the right conditions. But if the car breaks down, there’s not much you can can do. Hybrid engines are very specialized and it’s even worse if the electric side of the motor goes haywire.

Photo by NRMA New Cars via Flickr


  • Can drive long distances
  • Fits a family of 4-5


  • Difficult to maintain
  • Not very fast


The SUV is the most balanced option for an escape. It fits at least five and a good amount of cargo and can navigate some rough terrain if necessary. Look for sites that are dedicated to aftermarket accessories designed for off-road use. So if you have the means, there are some pretty sweet mods you can add to this ride.

Photo by NRMA New Cars via Flickr


  • Holds at least five passengers
  • Carries lots of cargo
  • Can handle rough terrain
  • Lots of off-road accessories


  • Poor gas mileage
  • Difficult to navigate through wreckage/cramped space on the road

Jeep Wrangler/Hummer H1

These are bonus vehicles, mainly just for fun. But if you happen to keep a Jeep Wrangler or Hummer H1 in the garage, you’re not going to have much of a problem owning the road on the way out of the neighborhood.

Photo by KFearnside via Wikimedia Commons

Jeeps and Hummers are the ultimate off-road vehicles and have dozens of features that make them both practical and repairable. The Hummer, for example, can deflate and reinflate its tires based on the terrain while the Jeep has a transmission and drivetrain designed to handle multiple surfaces. And since the whole family can fit in either vehicle, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want one.

Just carry extra cans of gas because these tanks are guzzlers.

Robert Simmons
is an editor, muscle car fanatic, Matchbox car collector

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