The Guide To Protect Your Home From Deadly Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters can strike any area any time and sometimes without any warning as well. These calamities can inflict serious damage to both life and property alongside demolishing everything that stands in their way. However, catastrophes like earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and lightening can seriously be disastrous and therefore, you should plane in advance to wither them of if you want to keep your home and family safe and sound.


Guide to Prepare your Home for Natural Disasters:

Following lines contain a comprehensive guide to prepare your home for deadly natural disasters.



Earthquakes are one of the most destructive calamities that can strike any area. Therefore, in order to prepare your home against them, you need to take following safety precautions.

  • Check and prepare cracks that are long and penetrating deep into your ceilings.
  • Use special construction materials such as horizontally reinforcing or sheer walls.
  • Remove heavy objects from high areas.
  • Check professional advice for bracing and steadying to reinforce your roof.
  • Install fire protection walls and metal roofs.
  • Install seismic straps on things like water heaters to keep them in place.



Some effective safety tips to counter wildfires are as follows.

  • If you happen to live in the area that is heavily wooded, you need to cut the tree line and all other vegetation close to your home as recommended and permitted by the local authorities.
  • Water your garden and plants as much as possible and also install an irrigation system if possible. Well hydrated and wet plants are less likely to catch fire.
  • If your house is surrounded by woods, always build your house with non-combustible materials such as cement bases roof shingles and cement wall sliding.
  • It is also important to install suction lines and pumps for firefighters especially if you live near any pond or stream.



Although incidents of lightning are somewhat rare yet they can be extremely dangerous as well and you need to protect your home well in time.

  • Keep all electrical components in working order and get your house inspected by a professional on regular basis.
  • Keep an automatic electrical generator ready for power breakdowns.
  • It is also important to install a surge suppressor for the whole house to prevent electricity from frying wires and cables.
  • Finally, you need to install grounds in your house to protect it from catching fire if lightning strikes.



Floods are one of the most fearful phenomena of the nature and following lines explain how to counter them.

  • Allow water the free passage by keeping your gutters and downpours clean and blockage free.
  • Get a flood alarm and install sump pumps to remove water easily.
  • Keep your appliances such as stoves and ovens above the ground to prevent electrification of flood water.
  • Always buy insurance that covers damage caused by the flood water.
  • Ensure that the ground slops away from your home. Furthermore, you can also install a moat like trench with pipes and drains around the foundations. You also need to check regularly especially when it is raining to check whether water is accumulating around the foundations.


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Anthony Powell is a home safety expert and is really passionate about his work and also loves to write about anything related to home like printing photos on canvas for personalized home décor. He works for an online store dealing with large canvas prints and unique home decoration items.


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