The Top 5 Flashlights for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Have you ever wondered how prepared you really are for a zombie apocalypse? Out of the many things that you need, a durable flashlight is at the top of the list. When looking for a flashlight, you might think that you can just go to your local grocery or hardware store, but it is much better to go to a specialized place such as S A Equipment. Here is a quick look at the top 5 flashlights that will be able to get you through any sort of disaster.


SA Lumin ATEX Led Torch

This is my top flashlight pick to have in a zombie apocalypse. The SA Lumin flashlight incorporates many great features. This flashlight has a light sensor which increases or decreases its brightness based on outside light, which can help you to save an enormous amount of energy, which is essential when a prolonged disaster begins to eat through your stash of batteries. The design allows for a powerful light output in a small portable design. It is also waterproof, which makes it immune to flooding and any situations where it is possible that you will get wet.


Rayovac Indestructible 2

The Rayovac Indestructible 2 is one of my top choices for many reasons. First, out of all the flashlights I have reviewed, this is one of the ones that had the farthest beam. The beam can shine up to 149 meters ahead of you. Also, as the name states, it is indestructible. It can be dropped from 30 feet and still work. This makes the flashlight an awesome choice for a disaster since it will give you the light that you need and you can have a peace of mind that it will never break, even when put in the worse situations.


Maglite XL200

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, it is important to have your flashlight last a significant amount of time. Some flashlights may only last a few hours, which does not do you much good, even if they are bright. That is why the Maglite XL200 is the perfect choice. It lasts for up to 218 hours when on a low setting. It has five settings, one of which is an SOS setting, which can help to alert authorities and rescue parties during the event of a disaster.



This flashlight has many great features that can help you in any dangerous situation. The Quark Pro has a shatter resistant lens which can be useful when met with an unwanted situation. At 3.2 inches, it is easy to carry and run with this flashlight. It is easily attached to a keychain or your beltloop to ensure you always have it available. It also has a strong beam, which is uncommon among flashlights of this size.


SureFire G2X Pro

The SureFire G2X Pro is a great flashlight choice as it does not have a filament. This means that it will not burn out. Instead it works by using a high efficiency LED light. It can be very useful in many situations and you will never have to worry about the light failing, even if it is used for long periods of time or kept in the drawer for years.


No matter what you are looking for in an emergency flashlight, there is something in the list above for everyone.


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  • December 22, 2013 at 6:24 am

    We like the LED's the best. They tend to last longer and are pretty nice. We have several of them and have little or no trouble.


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