The Unexpendable Fifteen – Bug Out Bag List

A bug out bag is a collection of items that are meant to supply you with everything you need during the first 72 hours of an emergency. It is an essential piece that anyone even remotely interested in prepping should have.
There is a countless combination of items that a bug out bag could have. The article will cover 15 items that all good bug out bags should have.



  1. A Weatherproof Bag:

    All of your items should be stored in a weather-resistant bag that is easy to carry. Keep your bag stored in a place that is out of the way, but can still be grabbed at any moment.

  2. 3 L of Water:

    More is always better, but as a minimum this will get you through a day or two.

  3. Water Purification Tablets:

    Allow you to purify unknown water sources, giving you a secondary source.

  4. Protein Bars:

    They’re long-lasting, high in nutrients and calories, and lightweight. Other good options are peanut butter, beef jerky, MREs.

  5. A Survival Knife:

    It’s important to have a good knife in your kit. Some things to consider:

    • The blade:
      • 6-9” in length
      • Made of stainless steel or carbon
      • Single edge
      • Sharp point (no hooked, rounded or flat points)
    • The handle:
      • 4-6” in length
      • Full tang
      • Solid pommel
      • No-slip grip
  6. First Aid Kit:

    Every survival kit should have one. Buy one, or learn to make your own.

  7. Battery-powered Radio:

    Your only source of information on the road. Have some extra batteries.

  8. LED Flashlight:

    It’s important to have a flashlight for when things get dark. LED’s shine brighter and last longer. Have some extra batteries.

  9. A Fire Starting Kit:

    You need a way to get fires started. A kit should include:

    • Strike anywhere matches
    • A piece of emery board for striker
    • A water-proof plastic case to store them
  10. A Floss Kit:

    This one is interesting. Have some dental floss, sewing needles, and fishing hooks stored in a container. These items can be used or:

    • Stitching wounds
    • Making fishing lines
    • Sewing torn fabrics
  11. Plastic Sheeting, Paracord and Duct Tape:

    These items can be used to:

    • Make rain shelters
    • Seal broken windows
    • Make rain collectors
  12. Garbage Bags:

    Can be used to collect garbage, or turn into ponchos (the clean ones, obviously).

  13. A Compass and Maps of the Area:

    essential for navigating yourself and others to safety.

  14. A Warm Hat, Gloves, and Extra Socks:

    To keep you warm.

  15. A Photocopy of Important Documents:

    It’s important to have identifying information on your person during an emergency. Some ideas:

    • Your driver’s license
    • Your passport
    • Home and vehicle ownership and insurance
    • Important contact phone numbers

Have these 15 items in your bug out bag, and you’ll be ready to go in an emergency.

For some further reading, make sure to check out How to Make a Wilderness Survival Kit.


Rambo Moe

2 thoughts on “The Unexpendable Fifteen – Bug Out Bag List

  • July 8, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    Extra clothes arent as important as some of these items listed especially to survive.
    And it says that you can use the garbage bag to make a poncho

  • June 25, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    All of these things are great assests and are needed but you forgot 2 important things, that I believe are on the important side (extra clothes and a rain suit or poncho)


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