The Wise Owl will buy Gold Online

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The owl is wise. It knows. It will now opt for buying gold online; it will buy gold, buy gold bars, buy gold coins, and buy silver UK. The buzz word today is ‘buy gold online’. Following the Great Recession in America that kicked off from 2007 the world is watching amazed how gold prices are skyrocketing. The recession showed that virtual money and even real estate value can plummet but gold is gold – eternally valuable. Its price can never appreciate but will always depreciate in the long run, despite minor hiccups.

The general notion is that gold is for jewellery making. But a good proportion of the gold that is mined from the bowels of the earth is used for other purposes. The recent figures show that during 2013 first quarter 1,051.6 tons of gold was diverted for industrial use to the technology sector. The gold reserves of Central Banks have gnawed out 963 tons of gold for this purpose.

Gold is ‘easy currency’ for all nations globally. With it at par exchange is possible at any exchequer. With gold, merchandise is bought at international markets. When any currency becomes weak the government immediately increases its stock of gold bars storing these in their vaults. Recently prices have been running away because of the economic recession in USA. In a snowballing effect all the nations have been affected – developed, developing and emerging.

What does this price increase in gold spell for the man in the streets? Those who purchased gold items in 2009 will find its value has jumped up. At that time the value of an ounce of gold was £428.83. Today, even after a short period of depreciation, the price stands at £916.66; it means that the price has doubled in five years. No other investment would be able to give such handsome returns.

But can this yardstick be applied to the future with conviction? The answer is a strong affirmative because although the recession is officially over in USA, the recovery is happening at a snail’s pace and that too technically. Nobody is seeing the sun shine. Many currencies are tumbling and living costs have shot up in comparison with what it was only a couple of years ago. For instance with the money you kept in the bank in 2009 you will not be able today to buy the same amount of goods that it would have fetched at that time. On the other hand if you had adopted the mantra of buy-gold at that point of time you would have been richer today.

Since it is better late than never sit down in the privacy and comfort of your computer and start buying gold online. There are bullion stores on the Internet and access is very easy. You can see on your screen pure bars of gold (99.99%), and gold coins all conforming to the London Bullion Market Association‘s (LMBA) standard albeit in different measures and sizes. Buy today, store today for tomorrow; you can convert it into cash any time you so wish.

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