The World of Zombies


Zombies are everywhere…in video games, movies, costumes, clothing, posters, books, and calendars… everywhere we walk zombies seem to be following in our shadow, just a short distance away.


Is it possible that the world is being overrun by zombies? The popularity of zombies seems to have brought the walking-dead back to life. Zombie merchandise is gaining in popularity with a cult following that spans the ages.


And the interest in zombies goes far beyond a population obsessed with movies and DVD’s. Zombies have found their way into costumes, conventions, magazines and books, artwork, music… in fact zombies appear to be taking over the internet!


Online searches include game applications such as ‘The Walking Dead’, zombie screens, and online slots, like ‘Zone of the Zombies’. The online gaming niche continues to gain in popularity. Many games have features that allow users to personalize their individual zombies as well as their gear. Games such as the ‘Left 4 Dead’, and the ‘Resident Evil’ series, provide players with opportunities to enjoy interactive zombie gaming.


Zombie movies, also increasing in number, include many favorites. AMC’s, “The Walking Dead” literally brought the living-dead to computer and television screens. While zombie movies have entertained viewers for decades, today’s audiences just can’t seem to get enough. Many Hollywood zombie favorites, such as ‘Zombieland’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead’ continue to contribute to the increase in zombie popularity.


Young and old walk the streets on Halloween wearing purchased and homemade zombie costume if, in fact, they are costumes! Stores and websites offer a great variety of zombie gifts: t-shirts, weapons, survival gear, and novelty items, all specially designed for the walking un-dead! Various zombie paraphernalia provides fascinating gifts. Zombie fans everywhere appreciate ‘walking dead’ t-shirts, books, and other deadly memorabilia.


Will zombies arrive soon? Are they already here? What we know for certain is that zombies are enjoying a comeback as a favorite attraction for horror movie fans and gamers. Books on zombies provide zombie survival skills and captivating fiction. Zombies have an incredible way of intriguing people of all ages. Disturbing and captivating at the same time, zombies have successfully crept their way into almost every corner of our daily lives, as well as into the darkest recesses of the night!


Adam Robinson is a journalist and blogger who writes about all things related to gaming and tech. He likes to play at intertops casino and anywhere else he can find cool new slots games.

3 thoughts on “The World of Zombies

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  • March 9, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    Zombies currently make up approximately 51% of our population – as evidenced by the last presidential election.

  • January 10, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Zombies might be anywhere! I think most of my co-workers are zombies.
    But, my family is seriously into the zombie craze too!


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