Things You Might Want in Your Post-Apocalyptic Warehouse

by Stacey Thompson





With the world being volatile in so many aspects (climatological, political, cultural, economic, etc.), you cannot be too cautious or overly prepared. Don’t even consider the unlikely scenarios of deistic-centered raptures or epic Armageddon-sized meteors hitting our planet; we humans can bring about the end of our own civilization through our own machinations.


Five months ago, I considered the prepper crowd to be on the nutty side. I have to admit that after seeing and reading more into it, I will have to admit I was dead wrong about that sentiment. Sure, there are loonies and zealots among any kind of mutual interest group, but the idea of being ready for anything world-changing is at the heart of vigilance itself, of the desire to live on despite the obstacles.


I’ve read up and watched how the more experienced preppers and survivalists have made their preparations, gathered supplies, safe havens, and most important of all, acquired and absorbed knowledge that will be necessary to live on even after all order and sanity has left the populace due to some calamity.


I am also trying to think farther than that, beyond living off emergency supplies and staying in your shelter, waiting for the chaos to die down. Titanic efforts at looking beyond the crisis inspire me, like the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. While I wouldn’t have the kind of resources to do something anywhere near that project, I know I can presently afford to make my own preparations at starting over after a global crisis.


In addition to the standard food, water, and medical supplies, clothes, basic tools, firearms, and other essential-level gear, my planned post-apocalyptic warehouse will very likely contain the following:


Computers and Data Storage

If you think I’d be buying an entire data center worth of equipment, I am not that well-laden with dollar bills. This is a humbler, yet more sensible effort of keeping the basic electronic devices handy. I’m not even considering brand spanking new systems; surplus computers that are built tough, like those industrial PCs they use in factories and in the military, those will do in a pinch. For as long as they are in working order, and are able to access the data I am planning to keep (mostly digitized books from all the branches of science, the humanities, world history, and all other collections of information that are worth keeping), they will do.


Let’s not forget a way to power these devices. A portable generator that runs on liquid fuel (petrol or diesel) should also be in storage.


Heavy Equipment

You’re not going to be able to move tons of debris with shovels and picks (you can, but it’ll take a long time and lots of energy), so this is why I am in favor of having some pieces of earthmoving heavy equipment handy in your cache. Landscaping, farming, and fortification can also be done more efficiently with a bulldozer or a tractor.


As with the computers and data storage equipment mentioned above, you don’t need to bankrupt yourself in the effort; buying reliable surplus and second-hand heavy equipment from online marketplaces like Rock&Dirt will more than do.


Fuel and spare parts, and some knowledge on how to maintain these pieces of equipment would also come handy. Mechanics and electricians are going to be extremely valuable assets in a post-crisis world.


Seeds and Soil

Like the seed vault I mentioned above, you are going to have to store your own seed and possibly some bags of soil. Alternatively, you could also learn the beautiful science of hydroponics, but be sure you have plenty of water where you’re going to be holed up in, possibly from a deep well or a natural spring.


Growing your own food will be essential when the global supply chain and logistics break down. It’s very unlikely that you will be able to store enough food for you and your family beyond a few months.


Well-Trained and Prepared People

I’m not advocating locking people up in a warehouse, mind you. I just added this item to make a point that all of these preparations would be all for nothing if you and your family are not prepared.


It’s a given that one person will find it close to impossible to survive, but with a tightly-knit group, each with their own useful set of skills and competencies, you would be surprised at what hurdles you can surpass…


You might even become the progenitors of the human race that survived through the end of the world. Be prepared, and be well!


About the Author

Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and maintains a blog with some of her closest friends, Word Baristas.


2 thoughts on “Things You Might Want in Your Post-Apocalyptic Warehouse

  • October 4, 2013 at 2:14 am

    The most important prep to me is knowledge.

  • September 13, 2013 at 5:28 am

    I am not sure how much sensee this makes rregarding the things chosen unless 1 you were rich or 2 you had already banded together with others beforehand.


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