Three Tools That Are Essential for Hurricane Preparedness

If you live in a coastal area, you can live under the threat of hurricanes throughout the summer and fall months. Many agencies may be involved in educating the public on hurricane preparedness, with lists of equipment that residents should have on hand when hurricanes strikes. You should also have three essential tools to deal with emergency situations that may arise during hurricane conditions.




One of most critical tools you can have on hand before, during or after hurricane is a set of pliers. Pliers can be used to turn off the valves of utilities to prevent hazardous situations, they can also be used to remove projectiles that may be blown into your home. They can remove nails and screws that hold window or door frames that may have to be replaced. Pliers can also be used to remove or straighten a variety of broken items that can occur on your property during hurricane.


Hurricane KatrinaScrewdrivers


A set of mixed screwdrivers can be used for a number of different hurricane-related tasks. You should collect a variety of types, such as straightedge, Phillips, large and small for any need. These screwdrivers can be used to put up and remove hurricane shutters, take off broken screen door hinges, secure tarps in case of roof damage or make minor, interior repairs, as needed. Screwdrivers can also be used as small instruments for prying out damaged pieces of metal or wood in window or doorframes.




A sawzall and a multimaster tool are essential tools to have on hand when hurricanes strike, because winds can range from 75 to over 100 hundred miles per hour during a hurricane, these winds can do immense damage to trees and shrubs on your property. Older trees, in particular, may be weakened by age or disease and can easily crack and break during the high winds. Even very large branches can break off the tree causing severe damage to your home and blocking doorways, so having a saw on hand will allow you to remove fallen limbs that are preventing access to your home or endangering other home structures. It can also help to remove broken items left behind by the storm, but you should never attempt to remove broken branches while storm conditions are in effect. Avoid working on broken tree limbs even during the quiet time of the “eye” of the storm that occurs as the near edge and far edges of the storm pass over.


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