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Tips for Survival in the Desert

You never know what survival skills will be useful. 23% of our planet is covered with desert. One day you will find yourself in the arid territory. What would you do if you did not read desert survival articles before? How to survive in the desert or other dry places?

The desert is a natural zone with a hot climate, a flat surface and thin vegetation. There is no more than 200-250 mm of rainfall in the desert a year. Most likely, you will not have to walk in the desert or across the sands in a truck, as in the action movie “Mad Max.”

However, if speaking about our planet, desert areas are quite common. It is about 23% of the territory, and the desert is expanding. Getting lost on excursions and being in the desert are not very pleasant memories, which is why survival skills are going to come in handy. 

How much time can people live without water? For about three days. However, even in arid deserts, it is not always hot, but only during the day. The nights in the badlands are often cold. 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

In most cases, people do not die from heat and thirst, but panic and wrong actions. What is the right way to act staying in the desert? Here are essential tips for survival skills in the desert.

Tips for survival in the desert

  1. Do not leave the car when you are in the desert

If the vehicle is stuck, it does not mean that you need to leave the car. It will be easier for rescuers to find a vehicle than a person who has gone somewhere. It is advisable to stay by the vehicle. It will provide shelter from the heat and wind, and is visible from afar for rescuers. You can leave the car only if you are sure of your location and can reach civilization. Always leave a note on the vehicle indicating your direction of travel. Rescuers will more often find a car rather than a man. It can save a life. It is better to stay with the car. This will make the chances of survival in the desert much higher.

  • The sun and the heat are hazardous

Sometimes we underestimate the heat of the sun in desert areas. During the day, temperatures can reach 50 degrees, and it is dangerous to be under the sun without shelter. Keep your mouth closed, talk less, and control your breath. It will help to avoid rapid dehydration. When it is hot, hide from the sun behind cover.

  • Take care of the water in the desert

Take care of your water supply as long as possible. Drink in small sips throughout the day to maintain minimum hydration. How do you know that you need water and need to drink? Look at the color of urine. Light urine indicates good condition, and dark urine suggests a lack of water. Found water sources in the desert should be carefully checked before use. You might get poisoned and throw up. Therefore, you will spend even more water from your body.

  • Take care of food

Try to save food. Do not eat a lot, but only to maintain life support. If you eat a lot, you will want to drink. A person can survive about 30 days without food, but cannot survive long without water.

  • Avoid dehydration in the desert

Do not sit on the sand. It can be hotter than air by 30 degrees. If you are going to sit on the sand, put something down before you sit. It will save you from excessive dehydration, as well as from snakes and insects. Do not undress, but keep clothes on your body. It will help you to avoid sunburn and dehydration.

We hope that the skills of survival in the desert will not be needed. Be cool and calm companions down. More often, they perish from panic, lack of experience and wrong actions, and not necessarily in real danger of the desert.

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