Top 3 Places to Hunt Coyotes This Season

If you are an avid coyote hunter then you know, the place you hunt really matters. You can’t just go into the wild expecting to catch and hunt coyotes. You need to do your research and look for areas that have an abundant population of coyotes and select those to hunt. To help ease your search, we have picked the top 3 places in the US where you can be sure to have a great time hunting coyotes.




If you are looking for the ultimate terrains to hunt coyotes then Nevada is the spot for you. You will find numerous different hunting ranches in Nevada with coyotes running wild. However, the excess population of coyotes doesn’t take the thrill away from hunting. You still need to plan and bait them accordingly in order to hunt them down here. Nevada isn’t just great for coyote hunting, you can also find a variety of different animals like the Western Bobcat so it makes for a wonderful hunting ground. Not all of Nevada is great, we recommend the central part of the state.





Kansas in the 80’s and 90’s was a booming ground for hunting, especially for fur. However, since the crash of the fur market, it is no longer that popular. Which is great because it leaves more animals for private hunters. Coyotes are in an abundant in Kansas and you can easily find grounds to go hunting. You can pretty much find them throughout the state so you don’t have to go to any specific area. Just find a decent hunting ground and you should be able to find coyotes.




You can’t beat Colorado when it comes to hunting. The state has numerous forest grounds that are lurking with coyotes and other animals. The climate and terrain are perfect for coyotes, but it may be tough for hunters due to high altitudes. You need to be sure to go prepared otherwise you may have a tough time hunting. The state is known for hunting and you don’t need to seek too much permission which makes it the place to hunt.


Going to the above states doesn’t guarantee you will be lucky hunting coyotes. You need to prepare and lure coyotes accordingly. So practice your coyote calls and be sure to go prepared because coyotes are quite clever. If you don’t then no matter how densely populate the location is with coyotes, you will have a tough time hunting one done.



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