Top 5 Steps to Financial Doomsday With Respect To European Market Collapse

Some call it a fuss over nothing and some are preparing for it like it is happening tomorrow. Yes, we are talking about the financial doomsday that has come more into prominence with the European market collapse earlier in the decade. So why does financial doomsday enjoy such significance? Well, if the economy crashes in the era, practically everything shall crash as everything is run by the wealth and resources of a nation.


Gradually the sovereignty of nations are being questioned more and more as the multinational bodies and international economic tools take over the functions of the nations, right form selling vegetables to changing governments. The top 5 steps to financial doomsday with respect to European market collapse are:


The Withering

What you will notice primarily is how the assets are gradually withering away. No vanishing but becoming dormant to you. For instance, the once easy loan that you took to build up the home saw such EMI fluctuations that you have to give it up and now you are homeless. The private education that was worshipped all these years suddenly can no longer assure a job to your kid and nor can you afford it even if it could. The debts come to bite you in the back if you don’t have a job to repay them systematically. God save you if you lost money in the stocks because no way is that loss being remedied any time soon and while consumerism (the harmful overindulgence in shopping and practically buying anything that looks good in the shopping cart but has zero to 2, on a scale of 10, utility value) bloats up even outer of proportion, you quietly sink in the financially screwed up mesh.


Euro CigarThe Government’s Management

So the groups of people set to govern you by so called democratic means are to protect you. True. But are they doing so justly? The government has borrowed from the public, from the international bodies, from the big businesses who are being choked by this same government by tax burdens which are in turn tempting them to move their business elsewhere, from other governments who in turn have borrowed in cash or kind from others. It is a network of debts that begins to run the entire system.


The Geopolitical Factor

Cold War’s end saw the Soviet Union withdraw and disintegrate and start almost afresh but USA took the uni – polar lead arguably. So with many nations being significantly rooted to tying economic links with the USA and the USA having strong European liaisons, the European economic collapse hit the entire west and including the USA significantly. Hence almost the entire Western hemisphere, with significant but miniscule Eastern nations will suffer.


Social Degradation

The entire social pyramid is broken with the rise in job cuts and unemployment leading to crime and lowered standards of living which results into diseases.


A Worsening Situation

The further falling Euro will affect the global economy worse than 2008. Its high time you should begin questioning the policies.


About the Author:

The above article is written by JD from Page Once. He recommends that forgetting a bill pay can lead you in severe financial issues which might prove fatal for you and your family. So plan your finances well to avoid such issues.

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