Top 5 Tech Tools for Jungle Survival

What do nerds and nature explorers have in common? Simple, they can both be techies! Camping outdoors can be a lot of fun. But what happens when you get lost, stranded or run out of food when out on an expedition? Unlike in the past when jungle survival mostly relied on pure grit and make-shift solutions, recent technological advances are sure to make your jungle experience much more enjoyable and safe. Take a look at some of the finest tech tools that will prove to be very useful in jungle survival.

  • GPS (Global Positioning System) device

Unlike in the past when a compass and a confusing map would be your only hope for navigation, technology has made our lives much easier with GPS devices. Basically, a GPS (Global Positioning System) device makes use of satellite technology to calculate your exact position anywhere on earth and hence enable you to travel to your next destination with ease. There are also GPS watches which are quite convenient for those looking to minimize luggage.

  • Binoculars rangefinders

Man with BinocularsRangefinders and binoculars have been in existence since time immemorial. Hence, a combination of these two amazing tools offers even more convenience and reliability for the modern explorer. Binoculars rangefinders are a necessity for any hunting expedition and they often make the difference between making the perfect shot and wasting valuable ammunition on near misses. Rangefinders are used to approximate distance between the observer and a targeted object while binoculars provide clear images of distant objects. A combination of these two devices creates the perfect tool for precision aiming during hunting. For more information on the best rangefinders available, visit

  • Satellite phone

When travelling to remote areas, a satellite cellphone can be a total lifesaver as it enables you to contact loved ones as well as emergency rescuers. These handy devices bear antennae and they route calls by use of satellites instead of cell-towers. When purchasing a satellite phone, ensure that you buy enough minutes that will serve you throughout the excursion. Despite the high cost associated with satellite phones, these devices are a worthy investment that can save you a lot of hassle in areas that have little to no cellular coverage.

  • Personal Locator Beam (PLB)

These handy devices are designed to send an emergency message that gives your position, thereby prompting a search and rescue operation. Unlike satellite phones which offer two-way communication, a PLB will only act as a beacon to send an SOS signal to several rescue institutions such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It should be noted that this piece of equipment should only be used in life-and-death situations since once the signal is sent out,a major operation will be undertaken to find and rescue you.

  • Portable Solar Charger

With all these tech devices you’ll be carrying for camping, it would be extremely sad if you weren’t able to operate any of them as a result of lack of charge. For this reason, a portable solar charger comes in quite handy for wilderness survival as it enables you to take advantage of the sun’s rays to recharge your tech tools.



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Charlie Brown is a trainer and an experienced hunting guide working for an agency. Along with this, he writes blogs that informs and encourages people about safe shooting and hunting.


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