Training For The Apocalypse

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Europe and the United States are dealing with dire economic woes, with entire countries such as Greece facing bankruptcy. Extended drought in the U.S. is creating food shortages all over the world, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has bought up billions of rounds of ammunition, creating a shortage that keeps it out of the hands of citizens. Police departments are arming themselves with tanks. Detroit, once a symbol of prosperity and American ingenuity, is in ruins and bankrupt, its streets resembling bombed out ruins of WWII.

Governmental Corruption

The President of the United States reigns war upon his enemies via silent drone attacks, “promising” that they will never be used on the continent of North America, all the while dispatching them over the continent for “observation”. The largest and most hated governmental agency in the country – the Internal Revenue Service – is allowed access to the most intimate details of American’s lives, including their health information. The U.S. government, and governments all across Europe, has seized control of the internet, reading emails and monitoring websites deemed to be adversarial. Those not adversarial, but capable of generating capital, are regulated by the governments.

In Japan, radiation from the Fukushima disaster is still polluting the Pacific Ocean in undisclosed amounts, contaminating the oceanic food supply. Third world countries, notoriously unstable in their leadership and alliances, have developed nuclear capabilities, and are threatening their next door neighbors with nuclear annihilation. At the same time, other third world nations murder hundreds of thousands of their own people in mass genocides.

Does this sound like a movie? Apocalyptic books, movies, computer games, and other entertainment are more popular than ever in first world countries. But, all of this is happening right now! Did you ever wonder why? Maybe it’s because the decline of society has something to do with it. Human life has never been less valued. A “them or us” mentality is already established in many parts of the world, and with laws being manipulated to support the agenda of those in power, there is little refuge in “the system”. As the entire planet circles the drain, we watch as people destroy their own homes, their own neighborhoods, their own governments.

So if things eventually do go under, a nuclear war perhaps. How are you going to survive? Pre-apocalyptic training is the best way of dealing with a post-apocalyptic world. Only those with survival skills will be able to make it, as civilization as we know it becomes a distant memory. Obviously a pre-apocalypse training course is going to be a bit far fetched, so what courses could you take that would help you in a future wasteland?

Risk And Crisis Management Training

One of the most valuable skills you will have in a post apocalyptic world is the ability to assess and manage risks and crisis. With risk management, you learn the observational skills to evaluate territorial conditions and identify potential threats. With crisis management training, you learn how to assess situations at a glance and establish priorities for ultimate survival. When under attack or injured, you can analyze the situation and determine the best course of action, turning the situation to your advantage. Through risk and crisis management training, you can learn to take proactive stance, rather than reactive actions.

Close Protection Training

Anarchy produces chaos, and that means anyone is a target. If you have ANYTHING that someone else wants, you could be in danger. Close protection training can teach you the skills to disable anyone who might attack you. With close protection training, you learn hand to hand combat with and without weapons.

Communications Training


With your communications training, you learn the “soft” skills of reading people and communicating with different personalities. You’ll learn how to deal with difficult people, once again turning the situation to your advantage. You’ll also learn the skills of dealing with software, CCTV, listening devices, and computers which should enable you to create some sort of communications networks and take control of whatever situation you find yourself in.

First Aid Training

first aid training

First aid training covers minor injuries that can be predicted in apocalypse situations but it also can cover triage training. You’ll learn how to staunch excessive bleeding, insert IVs, treat burns, and perform other life-saving medical actions that can mean the difference between death and survival in a post apocalyptic setting.

The amazing thing about all of this training is that you can get it right now, and make a living in the chaotic world as it exists today. With proper training, you can support yourself and your family, and hone the skills necessary to survive if the world as we know it ceased to exist.


Fred Burns has worked within the security industry for many years, he is currently working for a company called Cross-deck who help people find employment and training.

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