Two Birds: 3 Survival Skills You Can Learn from Hobbies

Learning survival skills is always a good idea—but it isn’t always fun. That’s why it’s important to marry your need for knowledge with a hobby that you’ll actually enjoy. Below are three hobbies that will not only help to teach you valuable survival skills but will also give you a great way to keep yourself busy.



Hunting is one of the primary survival skills needed in a worst-case scenario. Taking the time to learn to hunt now will give you many advantages, especially if you work with a professional on a guided hunt. When hunting on your own, you’ll learn patience and marksmanship. If you go out with a professional, you’ll also learn more about how to track animals, the signs you need to know to be able to hunt for your own food and pick up the tricks and tips necessary to survive on your own.



Do you know how to grow your own food? Unless you’re living solely off your own land, you’re probably not quite as adept at this process as you might think. While taking up farming might not be for everyone, maintaining a garden can teach you quite a bit about living off the land. If you have your own garden, you’ll learn how to plant seeds, how to properly maintain plants, and understand the sheer amount of work that goes into making a usable food supply. While this is a great survival skill, it’s also a great way to help supplement your store-bought food with things you’ve grown yourself.




Working with wood is something of a lost art, especially if you aren’t a professional. Learning a bit of carpentry is a great hobby, though, and it can pay off major dividends if you are ever in a survival situation. If you take up carpentry as a hobby, you’ll learn how to work with wood and make repairs—two vital skills if you are ever away from civilization and need to build or maintain a shelter. Working with wood opens up many survival avenues in a worst-case scenario while being a great way to exercise your creativity when times are good.


These three hobbies will all teach you survival skills as you become more adept at them. Whether you’re learning how to hunt, garden, or work with woods, the skills you learn now will stick with you for years. If you’re ever in a survival situation, these are the hobbies that might save your life.



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Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. She writes for many online publications and blogs about home improvements, family, and health. She is an avid hiker, biker and runner. Contact her via twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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