What if The US is the Victim of a Nuclear Strike?

The big news these days is the threat of a nuclear attack. Of course with the direct threat from Korea, everyone’s talking about the best way to survive a nuclear attack and what to do in the event that you do survive the initial attack.

Just as in any other kind of survival situation, the key to staying alive is going to be in preplanning.

Tips on Surviving Nuclear War

Is a nuclear war survivable? Some people will tell you yes, while others will reply no way can you survive something like that.

In all honesty, that depends on how far you are from the center of the strike and how well prepared that you are. Realistically, if you’re within five miles of the strike, you’re quite likely not going to survive the immediate blast. That said, no nuclear strike really comes out of the clear blue sky. There will be telltale signs. Not the least of which signs will be that some political situation will begin to deteriorate and there will be some type of threats flowing. In most cases, you’ll of course not be told where the strike will be, but in many cases, you’re going to know those targets which are close to you.

Statue Of Liberty NukeIf you’re in close proximity to any kind of target–specifically a major landmark, a city which could be hailed as important, such as one of the very large trade or government centers, chances are good that you’re going to be a target. In most cases, the goal of any strike will be to take out as many people as possible in a small time span. To that end, if you can evacuate prior to the strike, do so. You’ll know very well that a strike is coming, and if you suspect it, get out. If you can’t get out of the area, at least let the fact that a nuclear war could be imminent help you to determine what kind of shelter that you build.

Just as for a particular kind of storm, a nuclear war will require that you have thick walls and have them well below the ground. Your best option will be a basement with thick walls and a heavy roofing. Not just the immediate blast can damage you. For several days or weeks after the blast, nuclear fallout will be in the area. The more that fallout has to go through the less damaging it is. You’ll going to want to have thicker walls and a shelter that is below the ground much like a tornado bunker, but with thicker walls.

You’re also going to need supplies in that shelter that can keep you alive until you’re able to get out and around. Food and water to last you several months is going to be in order. Don’t forget that the outside world in your area is going to be contaminated. That includes the food and the water. Stocking your bunker with enough sustenance and water to keep you and your family alive until you can get to another area is going to be the only way that you’re going to stay alive and prevent yourself from getting ill due to eating contaminated food or water. Keep the food groups in mind when you are buying canned food in order to ensure that you have proteins as well as vegetables to balance a diet over the course of several weeks. Fallout does contaminate nearly anything that is growing.

You’ll also want some means of getting the news. A crank radio and a crank or hand chargeable light is going to be a necessity in the bunker. You’ll need to know when it’s safe for you and your family to leave the bunker. As soon as you can leave the shelter, you want to immediately leave the area. If you’ve been within a hundred odd miles of the blast, the area will be contaminated. That means food, water, animals and anything else above ground may also be contaminated and is going to be unsafe to eat. Steer clear of things that may have taken any kind of contamination and leave the area, getting far enough away from the source of the blast that you’ll be able to find safe food and water.

Can you survive a nuclear blast? Fortunately we’ve never had to find out on US soil so far. If there is a chance of survival however, it’s going to lie in carefully planning what you’d do and how you’d accomplish it, leaving nothing to chance.

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  • April 10, 2013 at 11:37 am

    I've often wondered how much of a target my city would be – naval air station/submarine base/deep water port…but otherwise non-descript – guess it depends on who the enemy is and their agenda.


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