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What Survival Optics Do You Need?

The integration of optics on shotguns and rifles is now a standard in the survival and tactical world —- this is definitely for great reasons. So, what survival optics do you need? Keep reading to learn more.

First, let’s see some of the great reasons for the integration of optics in the tactical world;

  • A shooter’s accuracy gets better with optics
  • The duration required to get on a target is reduced
  • It becomes much easier when making transitions between targets.

Typical Example of Huge Success with Combat Optics

The ACOG rifle optic was used by the Marines making their way into Iraq in 2005 — and the success with these combat optics was massive. With optics, any shooter will gain increased ability, and they are huge force multiplier.

Invest in Quality Optics as a Survivalist: There are Good Reasons to Do So

Some may have the attitude of brushing optics to the side with a wave of the hand, particularly the modern tactical optics, concluding they are not needed on combat rifles. Sorry to disappoint you — if you have this mindset, then you are still living in the past. You need every possible advantage when you find yourself in a self-defense combat or shooting.

This is why you should think of putting your money into a quality optic if you are carrying a rifle as a survivalist or prepper. Don’t get it wrong — nobody is saying that iron sights are obsolete or inefficient. If the choice is between a scope and iron sights, my suggestion would be iron sights; this is because they are less susceptible to failing and more durable, among other reasons.

However, shooting is faster and simpler with high quality rifle optic. For long range shooting, iron sights’ downside will easily surface — obscuring the shooter’s vision. Even for close range shooting, you will discover that the process of getting iron sights aligned is slower, the same is applicable to getting on your target, compared to using proper survival optics – optics are super fast.

Quality Rifle Scope – It has to be with Optics

When you shoot with a quality rifle scope, you are able to engage targets with ease even when extended ranges are involved. Combining a quality optic with a good rifle would enable you get at huge target — up to 500 yards — using an AR 15. You can engage an attacker with much ease at 300 or 200 yards, particularly if the attacker is behind cover and as a result posing only a smaller target.

Different Situations where Optics would Surface as Life Savers

Besides combat situations, survival optics are engaged in other shooting activities such as hunting. They make hunting to be like second nature — much easier. In similar manner, scouting is easier when optics is involved. The use of optics is also essential when scouting surrounding area.

In survival situations, the use of a variable optic enables easy spotting of debris and damage from a distance — a spotting scope can also achieve the purpose. In addition, distinguishing between foe and friend at a distance is easier when you engage optics. Indeed, having optics on a rifle is something of great value.

For close quarters combat, you can hardly go wrong with the red dot optics — this is because speed is king when it comes to close quarters combat, so you need a valuable survival tool such as the red dot optics to quicken your speed to get to your target.

If you find yourself in low-light situations, the type of optic that would promote ease of use is the optic with illuminated reticles, including dark situations. It is almost impossible to use iron sights effectively when it is dark — which is why optics are excellent upgrades. On the other hand, the sight picture of iron sights is usually obstructed excessively, making it difficult to track an enemy effectively.

And, if you’re looking to achieve increased magnification levels, as well as varieties of magnification levels, variable optics are your great choice. Their impeccable versatility makes them suitable for different types of rifles. These days, they are integral part of hunting rifles. Shooting a target from either far or near becomes easier.

Here’s the bottom line: investing in top quality survival optics is a worthwhile effort.

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