Why are Hunting Binoculars a MUST HAVE in case of Doomsday?

Doomsday is bound to arrive soon. The manner in which our planet earth is being ripped off of its resources, places it in grave danger. Neither do governments care about the planet, nor do multinational corporations. All they care about is making money. Someone has to step up and warn people that Doomsday is near and that they need to be ready for it. Thinking about it is tough but soon enough, the world, as we know it, will be destroyed.

It can be in the form of anything, like the flooding of the whole world or even the coming of zombies. It is said that if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse, then you are ready to face anything like earthquakes, floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc. But don’t worry, we have got your back. Here is another must have tool to be ready for Doomsday: hunting binoculars.

When Doomsday is upon us, one must be ready for any trouble that might come with it. One of the most basic things we humans will require is food. Of course, people will be ready with canned food in their storage, but saving that food for later and searching and foraging food is a necessity. An easy way to find food is by hunting.

When zombies come your way, you won’t run into the city; when rogue survivors come to attack you, you won’t run into the city. On the contrary, you’ll run away from it and into the forests. Hunting has been in use to find food ever since the ancient times. So, learning to hunt is a valuable skill.

What helps in hunting are weapons. Weapons, from pre-historic times, have been used for hunting and defending ourselves, as well as others. In modern times, the most common weapons are different kinds of guns and knives. Hunting binoculars make the use of weapons more effective.

BinocularsHunting binoculars will help you focus on targets and also things at a distance. While travelling, as one should be doing in most kinds of Doomsday situations, you can locate objects, people, rescue stations and other things easily. There are a lot of hunting binoculars available in the market. Buying a proper one can be a difficult task.

These are certain characteristics you must consider before buying a pair of binoculars:

  • Magnification: The rule ‘the bigger, the better’ doesn’t apply to hunting. Yes, if the target is bigger it would help you, but just because it looks bigger doesn’t mean that it would be easier to hunt. The optimum magnification of a Hunting Binocular should be 7x to 8x.
  • Objective Size: The best size for an objective lens should be 50 mm. 40 mm is good too, but the 50 mm lens does wonders at night. It gives a more detailed view of the target.
  • Field of View: While hunting, one must be careful of the surroundings. If the field of view is too small, one might miss something important next to the target. It’s always better to have a larger field of view.
  • Exit Pupil: the exit pupil of the binoculars should be of the same size or larger than the exit pupil of your own eye.
  • Prism type: A Roof Prism type is better than the Porro Prism for hunting since it puts the target in the same line of the eyesight, hence, improving accuracy.
  • Optical Coating: One should make sure that the objective lens has proper coating to reduce reflective light.


All in all, a proper pair of hunting binoculars is a weapon in itself. The main reason that one should have binoculars is that it can be used in a lot of ways and is really helpful when travelling alone or looking for a safe haven in the destructive surroundings of a doomsday.



Author bio: Hi! I’m Josh! I have twelve years of knowledge on binoculars with a wide spectrum of usage of different brands and types of binos. Birding and football enthusiast. Sole writer for Todayscacher.com where I share my experiences with different products in the optics and binocular market.

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