Why It Makes Sense To Invest In Gold Before The Zombies Take Over


It seems like almost everyone has some sort of plan for when zombies take over the world. Is investing in gold one of your great ideas? If not, it should be a priority. Gold is one of the rare commodities that will retain its value no matter what. Get your hands on some gold now before the zombies take it all.


Gold Has Signified Power For All Of History

Throughout history, gold has signified immense wealth and power. Pharaohs, kings and the wealthy of this era have all used gold to show off. The zombies will be influenced by your power and influence over the world. They may just spare your life because they want to learn how to become powerful just like you.


Gold NuggetGold Is Extremely Rare

Gold has been so valuable throughout history because it is so rare. In fact, gold is one of the rarest elements in the cosmos. This means you would have a powerful bargaining chip if you were faced with an end of life scenario. The good news is that gold appreciates in value when other forms of currency are not doing so well. Currently, gold is worth over $1,500 an ounce. Not only would you have enough money to buy your freedom, but you would also have enough money to relocate should you be in any significant danger.


Gold Doesn’t Take Up A Lot Of Space

It’s a good thing that gold is measured in ounces. This makes it extremely light and portable. If you were ever forced to flee with your gold, you could fit the majority of it in your pocket or backpack. Most gold is contained in the form of jewelry, coins and small nuggets. You would be able to hide it easily if anyone confronted you demanding your gold. Your wealth is therefore protected whether you were being attacked by zombies or any other group in a lawless land.


Tangible Assets Mean More Than Paper

Paper money is only valuable because it is backed by a stable political body. If society breaks down, your paper money is essentially just paper. However, gold is a tangible product with a defined scarcity that determines its value. You can’t print more gold like you could just print more paper money. This is why the price of gold always goes up when the economy is doing so poorly. You could trade gold for food or medicine if you found yourself in a sticky situation where you needed supplies quickly.


Let’s hope that zombies never decide to attack those of us who are still alive. However, if they do, remember that your best defense is an investment portfolio that includes gold. Gold signifies wealth and status in most cultures. Gold also is a tangible commodity that will maintain its value after the zombies have destroyed our political system.


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