Why Someone in Your Household Should Learn Emergency Medical Care

With the world seemingly becoming more divisive, violent, and crazy every day, it’s very important to acquire the skill sets necessary for the absolute worst. A lot of them have been covered here before, but something that often gets overlooked is simple emergency medical care.


In the case of public, doomsday-like chaos, there are several rational reasons you’ll want someone in your family to know this skill set. Here are just a few.

Abandoned HospitalHospitals Are Scarce

Good medical care is very much a matter of privilege and where you live, especially in the United States. Experts have been studying the lack of good medical care in urban and less developed areas for years, looking for solutions to a problem that still plagues our country today.


Hospitals, in short, are scarce, making emergency medical care also scarce. If you live near a good hospital, that’s fantastic! However don’t be blindsided if the hospitals are full and you or a loved one is in need of expertise.

Emergencies Are Time Sensitive

Granted, even before doomsday roll around, you never know when you’ll be out of reach from medical professionals. Real talk: emergencies come quick, and they don’t often wait for you to catch up to them before taking their toll on you. We’ve covered head injuries before — if you’re not able to get to a professional in time and nobody in your family can handle that sort of emergency, it could result in the loss of someone’s life.


That’s the thing about emergencies — they’re time sensitive. Without the proper handling of a situation, the consequences could be irreversible. Having someone in your family who can take on these problems when they arise could save a life and is absolutely crucial!

Offering a Helping Hand

With any emergency situation, those blessed with the correct skill set are called upon to offer what they can. Registered Nurses, for instance, are often called out to disaster zones to help care for casualties of war and natural disasters. In the case of an apocalyptic nightmare, however, those with the gifts must be willing to give.


It’s important to be available for those who need you when the world is falling apart. Someone in your family who knows emergency medical care may not only be an asset to you but an asset to others. It’s important to keep that in mind as we move on in today’s world.

Have you ever been in a situation where you, a friend, or a family member were the only people able to handle an emergency? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the replies below.



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