Wise Company Freeze Dried Food Review

I received from Wise their ‘Wise Company Emergency Survival Freeze Dried Food Favorites Sample Pack‘ for review.  Thank you very much to Wise Company for this sample.


In this article, I will give some basic information, thoughts and opinions on what I was given to help you choose if Wise freeze dried foods are a good choice for you.


Wise has been around for a while now and is not a newcomer or a fly-by night operation which is definitely a positive when it comes to food.  Their packaging is good quality and their website shows some nice stats about how well it blocks moisture and oxygen which is also important.  The packaging seemed good enough when opening, but did not have easy tear perforations so keep in mind that you will need scissors or your trusty knife handy when you plan on cooking one of these.  They also claim that their product is good for up to and in some cases over 25 years which I will touch on later.  In general, preparation was easy.  Just boil water, stir in the contents of the package, and let stand for a while.  This is also important with emergency foods because your options for cooking and preparing will be limited.


Lets get to the food now.


    • Cheesy Lasagna

      Flavor was OK.  Nothing really stood out about this meal.  There is no meat in this, but it does contain milk so if you are a vegan or someone who doesn’t do dairy, this is not for you.  The label on this one doesn’t even say it is vegetarian so I am not sure what this means since it doesn’t have meat in it.

      The Label States: 250 calories per serving with 4 servings per package. Does contain Milk.

    • Savory Stroganoff

      This has no meat in it either. It has good flavor. It is very soupy.  It never thickened up very well. Mix thoroughly or it will be clumpy in spots.  Nothing too exciting about this one either.  This one does contains dairy, so keep this in mind if you have a problem with this.

      The Label States: 250 calories per serving with 4 servings per package. 100% vegetarian. Does contain Milk.

    • Tomato Basil Soup with Pasta

      I liked the way this one tasted.  I thought the flavor was excellent, although the pasta and seasonings clumped up some and the pasta was a little stale.  I don’t know if it was stale when it was packaged or if it will be really stale when I really need it.  Another product that contains milk.

      The Label States: 240 calories per serving with 4 servings per package. 100% vegetarian. Does contain Milk.

    • Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini

      The pasta in this was a little stale and some of the vegetables did not rehydrate.  The flavor is excellent and was nice and creamy and peppery.  This one contains milk as well.

      The Label States: 200 calories per serving with 4 servings per package. 100% vegetarian. Does contain Milk.


Wise LogoOverall, I found this product to be just OK.  Nothing to get too excited about.  If I found a good deal on some of their food, I would buy some.  You probably need a whisk to mix the contents of the package and the water properly.  I found this to be the case with several brands so this is something to consider keeping near your food storage.


Also, I have been told that dairy in long term storage as well as real meat can make food storage more difficult, but we won’t know for sure until we open them years after we have purchased these.  Also with any food, the environment you keep them in will make a difference.  Food kept in a cool dry basement will keep much longer than food left in the trunk of your car for example.  I suggest you test a pack every three to six months of any food you buy just to make sure things are storing OK.  You should know quickly by smell and taste.  If something seems off, you should discard it.


Please be sure to check out our Survival Food page for a side to side reference of many different types of emergency foods for you to consider.



by Shane White

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