Apocalypse Survival – Find a Castle with a Moat

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One of the main considerations you will need to give your apocalypse plan of survival is where are you going to live? Many people have touted a bunker, air raid shelter or mall as valid places and each has a merit to it. Personally my preference is to carry off a bit more swagger than that during the apocalypse, and lucky for me I live in a country full of old castles.

The ideal type of castle would be one with a moat, however with the availability of power tools post apocalypse I’m sure I could dig one out if needed. The reason for this is security but not just from the zombies, it could also be a valid defence against looters.

A moat for those of you without any history knowledge is a big ditch round a castle that is filled with water. There is usually a drawbridge that allows you access in and out of the castle, which can be lowered from the inside only. There is usually also a tunnel escape with comes out somewhere a few miles away from the castle, just in case you were worried about the running out of food and being surrounded thing.

Castles have exterior high walls with natural turrets to allow you to view for miles, also making for great place to practice your shooting. They also feature behind these walls open space that could be used for growing your food, now that your local supermarket has become a looted shell with some nasty zombie lurking in the freezer section.

So what would you need to ensure you had inside the walls before being able to sit back and enjoy the view? Well firstly the main problem will be heat, as most countries with any standing castles are colder climates you will need to ensure you stockpile lots of wood and other materials to create fire for warmth and cooking. You will also need to ensure that you have enough liquid to sustain you, thankfully if you rig up some nice water catchers then for 9 months out of the year you will have plenty of rainfall to quench your thirst and water your veggies. Another consideration would be entertainment, the argument for the mall is due to the abundance of entertainment to see you through decades, but in a castle you might want to go back to basics. Get a bunch of board games and some really good books, which can also be used for kindling for your fire.

Another advantage to the moat will be that you will have it full of zombies. A zombie will blindly walk into the moat attempting to get at your brains, finding themselves stuck due to the high sides of the moat they will simply wonder around the water like a pack of sharks. This is added defence for any looters that fancy their chances of climbing; sure to be shocked as they are bitten from beneath by an especially angry, wet and hungry horde of zombies. Just make sure you don’t drop your car keys in there.

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