Your Car as a Mobile Fortress


The worst has happened, the end is here. You and your family have escaped the with the help of your last remaining ally; the family car. With nowhere to go to and the cold outside as big a threat as the one you have just rescued your family from. The cumbersome family transporter becomes your relief, your salvation and your saviour. Here is a list of tips to help you turn your reliable car into the fortress and the potential difference between life and death.


Don’t let the Battery Die or Fuel Run Out


VanThis may seem like an extraordinarily obvious point but rather than just not using excessive fuel; be sure to save it and the engine wherever you can. It is likely that amongst the panic to escape the most at risk areas there will be heavy traffic surrounding you and travel may be limited for long periods of time. Kill the engine. Try you hardest not to panic and sit there revving the engine, knuckles white from gripping the wheel, swearing at the kids. Be smart about consuming the car’s battery. In the long run; this could be the difference between escaping and being trapped. You don’t know where or when the next injection of fuel with come. Don’t fill the car with anything unnecessary; additional weight with use more fuel. This brings me to the next point.


Load the Car Smartly


Important survival items don’t need to be large and obtrusive; this means that they can be kept in your car at all time. A tool kit can be important in many situations. From fixing things to helping you enter otherwise off-limits areas. Replace any large heavy tool boxes with a lighter shoe box. Saving space and reducing the weight. Also pack a small first aid kit; unless you are a qualified medical practitioner then don’t bring items you are not confident using. They can create as many problems as they solve and take up precious room.


Bring the Kitchen


Keeping tinned foods in the car at all times is an important exercise. These goods last a long time and could be necessary if you are extradited for a long time. Likewise if you are leaving your home in a rush you can bring most food types and prepare them using only the car. Meat, fish and vegtables can all be prepared using just your car’s engine. This utilises everything that you have at your disposal and helps increase spirit amongst the camp.


There are however a few important rules to remember in regard to cooking with your engine. Firstly, you do not want to risk breaking the engine as the car is still the most vital part of kit that you have. Avoid placing food on moving parts of the engine. Using stationary components you can guarantee a safe cook. Likewise avoid yanking and moving wires.


Avoid food with liquids; whilst you are trying to maintain decent morale it is important to realise that you have to confine your whims to what is practical. Always place the food before the engine is started, this helps avoid any nasty accidents and injuries. Make sure that you give the accelerator linkage a wide berth. Jamming this will result in the car refusing to start, or stop! Similarly don’t block the airflow and this will lead to suffocation of the engine.


In regards to actually placing the food. Make sure that the food is flat and low so there is comfortable room for the car hood to close. Finally make sure that you always triple wrap the food in foil. This creates a tight package and helps the food cook evenly throughout. The last thing you need in a crisis is food poisoning. After that its a case of making the mot of what food you have available to you.


Only Use a Car That Belongs to You


Whilst survival is the main aim here; it is redundant if there is no plan upon surviving. Try and guarantee that life will return to some form of normality once the incredible circumstances pass. By using your own car and your own goods; you can play by your rules. Do not go stealing from other people in the same situation. Car loans mean that today anyone can own their own automobile and potential life saver. Many companies such as car loan 4U can provide guaranteed car loans for anyone regardless of their situation. It is survival of the fittest and the smartest; not just the richest.


Finally… Shelter


Whatever you are are fleeing from, it will find it harder to reach you if you are hidden from the elements. Additional blankets are necessary for keeping the cold and the complications that come with it at bay. The sense of safety that comes from being inside something is all important for your mental safety as well.


7 thoughts on “Your Car as a Mobile Fortress

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  • February 1, 2013 at 6:44 pm

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  • December 20, 2012 at 8:02 pm

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  • November 9, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Thanks for this insight. At the moment money is limited so I can't afford a bigger/better off road car. But I do keep supplies in my boot. Tent, fire starter, kit etc.


  • October 3, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Keep in mind that gasoline will be difficult to come by. Electricity is needed by the station to pump the gas and accept payment. Gasoline also spoils fairly quickly. As society migrates to ethanol and bio-fuels, the spoilage time decreases. Gas stabilizers are oil-based and can keep gas from spoiling for a few months (typically over the winter in cold climates) but within four weeks, gas sitting in station tanks underground will separate, breakdown and become useless. Vehicles that run on natural gas are a great choice for those who have a natural gas well on their property. Fuels like diesel, propane or butane require refining and will not be readily available or fiercely defended during a catastrophic event.

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