Zombie Movies You Should Watch

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Of course, they are not as sexy as werewolves and vampires but movies about zombies have been a horror movie mainstay since the time your great grandparents wore shorts. Here are a few movies about the walking dead that you should watch.

Return of the Living Dead

Zombies are ready to party and back from the grave in this 1985 movie. A product of its era, this movie is the most popular eighties movie that does not star Molly Ringwald. This movie was the first one to feature brains being demanded by the zombie.

28 Days Later

Released in 2002, this movie is about a man who wakes up in a hospital that has been abandoned and goes outside in order to learn that it is twenty-eight days into the Apocalypse of Zombies. What sets this movie apart from other zombie movies is that it has an urgency sense. The zombies in this movie do not lope and shamble along but actually run quite fast. In itself, the plague manifests quickly and is highly contagious. When survivors believe he got an infection, other people have half a minute to make a decision whether they should shoot him or not. The concept of zombie action that is fast paced at this time was quite new but has since gone on to be popular.

White Zombie

Undeniably the grandfather of all zombie movies in America, White Zombie relates the story of the transformation of a young girl into a zombie due to Bela Lugosi, the evil voodoo master in charge. The reception of this movie which came out in 1932 was not quite positive but has come to become a genre classic. Currently, this film is known best for being where the White Zombie band got its name.


This 2009 movie is not so much a film as an extended sequence of a video game. The story features 4 post apocalyptic survivors of America battling their way to Pacific Playland, which is an amusement park in Los Angeles that is allegedly free of zombies.

Planet Terror

Rob Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino in 2007 had a partnership on Grindhouse, an exploitation and horror movie with intentions of recreating the experience of seeing double features in a rundown, old theater. The contribution of Rodriguez to the undertaking was Planet Terror, a somewhat gore filled, cheese film about Cherry Darling, a go-go dancer who is humanity’s leader versus a zombie onslaught. This is a homage that is over the top and is remembered best for the survivors using tips of their helicopter blades in order to mow through zombies in waves. It is also remembered for the loss of Cherry Darling’s leg to an attack from a zombie replacing this with a grenade/machine gun launcher.

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