Zombies Attack, Part 2

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Now that you have sucessfully made it out of your house and to your car, you race down the street watching obvlious neighbors being eaten. You’re coming to a fork in the road. If you go to the right, it will take you to your boyfriends house… Left, the interstate… At the last second you swerve to the left, running over your old chemistry high school teacher. You never liked her anyway, besides, she was probably a zombie, right…….

Once you get onto the interstate you realize that you weren’t the only one with the idea to get out of the city. Traffic is backed up for as far as you can see, people driving on the shoulders (very badly). So now is time for a new plan… Walking.

You’re about to leave car. What should you take? You frantically look through your trunk… You’re suddenly wishing you wouldn’t have cleaned it out yesterday, because a gronola bar would come in handy right about now. *stomach growls*. So, you grab the first thing you see – a tire iron. That will be useful for zombie head smacks 😉

You start to eye your backpack full of your college text books, and think, hmm… maybe I have a gronola bar in there. Frantically, you dump out all your books… Much to your dismay, there was only a crumbled up bag of chips and a melted chocolate bar. “Guess those will work,” you say. You swing the now empty bag over your shoulder and abandon your car.

Where are the zombies you wonder to yourself. Suddenly, you hear screaming from ahead. You look to see zombies all running towards you, eating people along the way. You have to get off the interstate. Just as you’re about to run, you feel a cold hand on your shoulder.

This is it, you think. I am going to die.

Look for part 3 COMING SOON!

This post was written by Heather M. White, author of the Destiny Saga.

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