Zombies Attack, Part 3

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You’re looking at your now closed car door, contemplating what to do. The cold zombie hand is still on your shoulder, so you’re trying not to freak out. You have your tire iron in your right hand, you think maybe I can knock the head off this zombie before it bites me. You turn around fast, holding up the iron, when you hear a voice. “Don’t, please! I’m not like them!” Finally, you see the guy from your college algebra class. You breathe a sigh of relief and lower the tire iron.

“We have to get out of here. Follow me!” he says… You don’t really know him. You think for a minute, should I trust him, but right now he’s your only shot of getting out of here. So you follow him. You walk across the interstate to a back road. He uses your tire iron to open a drain the the road. “Go down,” he instructs you.

You lean over the dark hole and shake your head. “No way.” It is dark, and smelly in there. There is no way you’re going down.

“It’s the only way. If we take this all the way down, it will lead us to the edge of town. It’s the only way we are going to make it out alive,” he insist.

“How do you know?” You ask, putting your hands on your hips.

“I work for the city part time. Now go!” You don’t ask any more questions. You see a zombie so you jump in. The smell is much worse once you’re inside. The nameless guy jumps down, and puts the manhole cover back over the hole. He hands you an extra flashlight (he’s obviously more prepared than you are), and you follow silently down the long, smelly sewer. You walk for what seems like hours, maybe it is hours. And finally, you reach the end.

As Mr. No Name pushes you up, you wonder what now? You’re at the edge of town, which seems abandoned. You reach down and help him up, just as you see about 20 zombies, all heading towards you. You look towards the guy in a panic. He grabs your hand, and you run.


This post is wrote by YA author, Heather M. White.

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