Zombie’s Attack, Part 4

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So, you and Mr. No Name are now being chased by 10 to 20 zombies… Hey, you’re freaking out! You don’t take the time to count them! So he grabs your hand and you run with him. You spot an abandoned car. “Get in,” he commands you. At this point, you’ve decided you’re going to do whatever he says. So, you jump in on the passenger side while he gets in on the driver’s side. You hit the lock button while he hot wires the car.

Outside, you see the zombies slowly walking closer and closer to you. You look down at the guy, he’s sweating, and he looks a little panicked. You want to close your eyes and hope for a quick, painless death, but you can’t. Your eyes stay lock on the zombies who are now pushed against the car.

This is it you think. I had a good nineteen years.

Suddenly the engine roars to life and you hear tires squeal as you hit the open road. You sigh with relief.

“I’m Shane,” he says. You finally know his name.

“I’m Heather,” you respond.

You ride in silence and once you’re out of the county you can finally relax a little. You’re safe.

“Where are we going?” you finally ask him after about 30 minutes in the car.

“The mountains,” he replies. “I have a cabin by the lake. It’s a very remote area. I have food, water and other essentials stored up.”

Wow. This guy was prepared. At this point you’re thinking, wow, I’m lucky I met him… I should have been prepared. All you have is your cell phone (that no longer works), your tire iron, one change of clothes and a granola bar. Without Shane, you wouldn’t have lasted one hour.

Part 5 is coming soon! Find out how Shane and Heather survive!

This post was wrote by author, Heather M. White. In April she released her latest YA Paranormal, Redheads are Soulless.

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